19 mars 2015

UIC ranked 18th among the world’s best business incubators

Per Bengtsson

In 2014 Uppsala Innovation Centre was ranked the world’s 18th best business incubator by the surveying company UBI Index. The ranking encompasses a total of more than 220 incubators with some form of university affiliation, among 67 countries. The UBI Index evaluates factors including their impact on economic growth, the number of new jobs created, access to capital, business development skills and networks.

“Uppsala Innovation Centre is an exceptional incubator. Our report shows that Uppsala Innovation Centre’s clients have a higher survival and growth rate than the global average”, says Dhruv Bhatli of the UBI Index.

UBI Index has reviewed both the value that the incubators generate for startups in the 67 countries, as well as their impact on economic growth. In addition to its ability to offer business development skills, networks and access to capital, UIC was also ranked pursuant to the survival rate of its companies, the number of new jobs it creates and access to business coaches who provide the companies with guidance.

“UIC placed high on our global ranking list, and particularly distinguished itself in fields that yield a positive impact on the economy. This demonstrates that UIC’s operation leaves a significant economic footprint in the regions in which it is active,” Dhruv Bhatli continues.

More than 600 projects and companies have received business development assistance from UIC since it was founded in 1999. By 2013, UIC companies had received investments of more than SEK 1.5 billion, indicating a substantial interest in UIC companies among investors – even during weak economic periods.

In 2013, 32 percent of UIC companies were from the business community, 27 percent were independent innovators and entrepreneurs, 37 percent of the companies originated at universities and 4 percent came from the public sector.

“It is highly gratifying to see UIC ranked 18th among the world’s best business incubators with a university affiliation. Nine out of ten of UIC’s alumni companies remain active in the market, so we knew that the UIC companies were performing well. The fact that our model of helping new startups succeed in an international market holds up even at the global benchmark level is great both for the UIC companies and us,” says Per Bengtsson, CEO of Uppsala Innovation Centre.

UIC maintains operations in Uppsala County and Södertälje south of Stockholm. Uppsala University Holding, SLU Holding, STUNS and Uppsala Municipality each own 25 percent of UIC.

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