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Do you have an idea, but no more than that? Use us as a sounding board in a Coaching Conversation or in a Bootcamp. It’s free of charge.

Do you want to develop your business idea or is it time to scale up? We have several programs that may suit you and your idea.

What is an idea?

It is something that has a life of its own; it breaths, grows and is infectious. Some are dangerous and some are innocent. An idea is a living thing that, with the right support, can grow into just about anything.

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UIC is ranked as one of the world’s top 5 business incubators

At UIC, innovative startups and growth companies in all industries receive tailored business development support, networking, financing and the knowledge required to develop, scale up or reach an international market.

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The advantages of being a UIC company

In our business development programs, we work closely with the business world, including, amongst others, around twenty UIC partners who contribute to the development of the UIC companies through seminars, individual advice and direct services to the companies.

UIC’s partners also contribute to the financing of UIC. In addition, we have a large network of hand-picked business coaches from the corporate world who guide the companies in their business development.

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Re-inventing Forestry

AirForestry’s pioneering technology makes it possible to thin forests in a completely new way, namely from the air with high-capacity drones. It results in healthier and stronger forests with improved biological diversity, while AirForestry reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and increases the forest’s ability to sequester carbon.


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