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  • Do you have an new business idea?
  • Do you want to start a business? Have you already started a business but need new insights in how to build a successful and more valuable company?
  • Is it time for the next big step, to scale or
    reach an international market?

Apply to one of UICs business development programs!


”Without UIC, we’d never have been where we are today. They have supported us all the way from an initial idea to a launched product. We really recommend everyone with a business to apply to any of UIC’s programs!”

– David Fagersand, CEO & Co-founder, Indicio Technologies

We support innovative startups and growth companies within all industries through tailor-made business development programs, networks, financing and knowledge required to develop, scale-up or reach an international market. The result is shorter time to market and reduced risks at early stages.

Throughout our business development programs, we work closely with the private and public sector, with about twenty UIC partners. They contribute to the companies’ development through seminars, individual counseling and direct services to the companies. In addition, we have a broad network of hand-picked business coaches within all industrial sectors who share their expertice in order to help the companies achieve their stated goals.

UIC don’t take any ownership stakes in the companies and can therefore be an independent business partner. Our successful UIC model leads to a high survival rate among the startups and growth companies – nine out of ten alumni companies remain active in the market and create growth.

UIC partners - supporting entrepreneurs