24 May 2017

Welcome to Korean-Swedish Tech Demo Day at SUP46 15/6

Day: Thursday, 15 June
Time: 4-7 PM
Venue: SUP46, Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm

The Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is welcoming you to a Korean-Swedish Tech Demo Day in Stockholm.

Take this opportunity to meet and listen to 10 exciting Korean Tech companies and 4 Swedish tech companies within the growth project Växtzon in East Mid Sweden. Växtzon is represented by UIC during this event.

You will also be able to meet and mingle with startups, investors, and other representatives from the business and arena.

Register to the event on SUP46/Evenbrite here…

Pitching companies

Korean companies

* Woorin Co. Ltd, www.woorin.kr
IoT/Material. Woorin develops the thinnest, strongest, and lightest Bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices in the world. Woorin leads convergence technology of advanced nano materials and semiconductors.

* RippleBuds Inc., www.ripplebuds.com
AI/IoT/VR. RippleBuds has developed the world’s first Bluetooth wireless earset win In-Ear Mic performing ambient noise block-out while speaking.

* Hylium Industries Inc., www.hylium-industries.com
Hylium Industries is a spin-off from KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology). The company is developing an ultra light fuel cell power system. A mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station, collaborating with Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea, and Hyundai Motor Company, in order to proliferate hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Korea.

* Anyractive Co. Ltd, www.anyractive.com
Anyractive’s mission is to build a more interactive world by providing their interactive touch technology. GoTouch is a smart communications solution composed of an app and a device. With GoTouch, you can have your own personal digital whiteboard at any time and any place for visual interaction.

* EOFLOW Co. Ltd, www.eoflow.com
EOFLOW provides connected, disposable, wearable drug delivery solutions based on its proprietary electro-osmotic pump which is extremely small & light – initially targeting insulin delivery for the diabetes market. EOFLOW currently aims to develop a miniaturized wearable artificial pancreas module that integrates a continuous glucose sensor and insulin pump (artificial pancreas system).

* 12cm, www.12cm.co.kr/ko/12cm
12cm is a company that promotes various O2O Business based on the certification system called echoss stamp that can be recognized with Smartphone. Also, it uses static energy based on human body, so it does not need any battery.

* Odoroso Co. Ltd, www.wavewearlab.com
Odoroso promotes the smart sportsware Kinesiology Taping Garment, WAVEWEAR. A performance wear which is a combination with Kinesiology Taping. The ‘WAVEd’ Adhesive Bio-silicone works just like Kinesiology Taping by simply wearing the garment. Reduces Lactid Acid as much as 35% based on clinical test.

* MARVRUS, www.marvrus.com
MARVRUS is developing a smart IoT education kit. The company is a Edu-tech startup developing experiencial learning contents with VR/AR. Their mission is to reduce the gap in education with innovative edu-contents. They aim to be a global Edu-tech company specialized in AVR tangible contents.

* Toy’s Myth Inc., www.toysmyth.com
Toy’s Myth has developed an IoT platform/solution and provide IoT total solution to manufacturers without IoT capabilities so that they can easily, quickly, and affordably develop IoT products. Also provides Smart IoT Gateway where customers can collect and analyze various environmental and population location data on the fly. In cooperating with Intel in terms of IoT business and solution development.

* Fin2B, www.fin2b.com
Fin2B is a fintech company to lead innovation in Supply Chain Finance, targeting at financially-underserved SME segment. Fin2B’s first product is account receivable financing platform, which is launched in Korea and will be launching in developing Vietnam this year. Fin2B strives to be Asia’s leading supply chain financing company.

Swedish companies within growth partnering project Växtzon

* CheckProof AB, www.checkproof.com
CheckProof’s self-titled app enables companies to customize checklists for daily procedures, controls and inspections. Controls are easier to perform, and are saved and documented in the right place using a cloud service. Customers include heavy industry, shipping, leasing and warehousing logistics. CheckProof is now venturing into the UK, German and US markets.

* Freelway AB, www.freelway.com
Freelway introduces the Sharing Economy concept in combination with digital B2B platform solutions. Offers a platform for providing transport solutions within larger organizations where e.g. employees help transport goods and personnel when travelling for business. Monitors cost and environmental savings. Social sustainability is a positive spill over. Freelway is part of ABB’s innovation growth hub Synerleap.

* Kontigo Care AB, www.kontigocare.com
Kontigo Care’s eHealth platform enables diagnosis, personalized care and prediction in dependence diseases such as alcohol- and gaming addiction. The platform gives therapists unique facts of the patient’s wellbeing in order to be able to prevent a fall-back into addiction. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North.

* Infoping AB, www.infoping.se/en/
Infoping is a mobile messaging plattform for business, combining push notifications and SMS, focused on engagement and feedback. By tracking and measuring the information process users can be more effective, save a lot of time and get confirmation that important information really was recieved and answered.

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