7 November 2019

UIC ranked World Top 5 Public Business Incubator

Photo: Per Bengtsson, CEO at UIC.

UIC (Uppsala Innovation Centre) is ranked World Top 5 Public Business Incubators by UBI Global, which has compared 364 business incubators from 82 countries. The ranking states that UIC is above the global average concerning the worth for the incubator companies, impact on the economic growth, the survival rate of the companies and the incubators business development competence.

Last evening UBI Global presented The UBI Global World Rankings of Business Incubators and Accelerators 2019 – 2020 during the World Incubation Summit in Doha. In the category World Top Public Business Incubator 19/20 UIC was ranked amongst the top 5. Compared to previous rankings there is only three categories presented this year; world #1, World Top 5 and World top 10.

“It is incredibly gratifying for UIC to obtain this international top ranking by UBI Global. Following our previous ranking, it is not without being nervous for this day, but it feels great now. There is hard competition from leading incubators all over the world and we are very proud to be a part of this context. It has been assigned to UIC, but it is a confirmation of our work with world-class companies and that Uppsala has a world-leading innovation support eco system. Collaboration between us organizations is absolutely crucial to reach success and it is thanks to all parties and not least our entrepreneurs,” says Per Bengtsson, CEO of UIC.

During previous year’s rankings, 259 incubators and accelerators participated in the process, which can be compared with this year’s 364 participating organizations in UBI Global World Rankings 19/20. The ranking shows that UIC is well placed internationally in terms of the number of companies that are accepted to the incubator programs and the availability of a great network that contribute to the companies’ success and development.

“Being among the top 20 incubators in the world is incredibly good and with this ranking, well, then it is great! The fact that we have a well-functioning working-model has been proven for several years as UIC in 2014 was ranked 18th in the world, 2015 ranked 10th in the world and 2018 as the 4th best incubator in the world with university connection,” Per Bengtsson continues.

Growth companies within UIC showed positive development during 2018. Investments during the year increased to SEK 502 million in the form of equity, grants and loans and the companies’ turnover was a total of SEK 526 million. The results are the highest since UIC was founded in 1999. UIC is industry independent and offers tailor-made business development support, knowledge, networks and funding to innovative startups and growth companies, which want to develop or reach an international market.

The UBI Global world rankings of business incubators and accelerators 19/20

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About UIC
UIC (Uppsala Innovation Centre) is one of Sweden’s best business incubators and has been ranked amongst the world’s top 5 best public business incubators by UBI Global. Nine out of ten UIC alumni companies remain active in the market today. UIC is sector-independent and offers tailor-made business development support, knowledge and resources to innovative projects and growth companies that want to expand and scale-up to reach an international market. The UIC model includes business development programs and a broad network of carefully selected business coaches in the commercial and industrial sectors, all focused on helping companies achieve their stated goals. Moreover, UIC has a network of about 20 business partners and 20 specialists, industrialization coaches, experienced in moving from prototype to series production. UIC does not take any ownership interest in the companies. UIC has operations in Uppsala County and the municipality of Södertälje south of Stockholm. www.uic.se