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Knowledge and network – for speeding up growth and success

Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) is one of Sweden’s leading business incubators and has been ranked the world’s 10th – and Europe’s Frilagd UBI logo5th – best business incubator with a university connection by UBI Global 2015. UIC supports entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators and management in their efforts to commercialize their ideas. Nine out of ten UIC alumni companies remain active in the market today.

UIC offers business development support, knowledge and tools for innovative projects and growth companies that want to advance, scale-up and reach an international market.

UIC is open for projects and companies within all industries, e.g. Life Science, ICT and technology.

Our goal is to help businesses achieve sustainable and viable growth.

“UIC is the world’s 10th best business incubator with a university connection.”
UBI Global 2015

The UIC model includes five business development programs and 70 carefully selected business coaches from the commercial sector, all focused on helping companies achieve their stated goals. Moreover, UIC has a network of about 20 specialists, industrialization coaches, experienced in moving from prototype to series production etc.

UIC does not take ownership in the companies and can thus be an independent support partner to the companies. UIC offers support in finding financing and gives access to commercial and technology networks. Moreover, UIC doesn’t rent premises since the incubator companies should sit where they do their business best.

UIC is located in Uppsala, Östhammar and Södertälje (south of Stockholm).

UIC is owned equally by STUNS (the Foundation for Collaboration between the Universities in Uppsala, Business, and the Public Sector), the municipality of UppsalaSLU Holding, and Uppsala University Holding Company.

UIC is a member of Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) the trade association for Swedish incubators and science parks. UIC is also part of Swedish innovation agency Vinnova’s program Innovation Support – Excellence.

UIC in figures

Turnover during 2016 for the growth companies within Uppsala Innovation Centre was EUR 49,9 million. In 2016, 731 people were engaged in UIC companies.

Uppsala Innovation Centre’s public return on investment (ROI) was 15 in 2016. ROI is the ratio of money gained on an investment relative to the amount of public money invested in UIC. In this case, the public funding UIC received during 2016 was re-gained 15-fold through the taxes the incubator companies paid back to society.


  • The investments in the incubator companies during 2016 equaled EUR 46,7 million. EUR 36,1 million in venture capital, EUR 10,6 million in contribution and loans.
  • Every year, UIC admits about 80 companies and projects to its business development programs.