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The UIC model creates successful businesses

The UIC model, formed in 2004, has proven itself to be a successful model in the commercialization process. UIC has an excellent track record plus a high company survival rate – nine out of ten UIC alumni companies are still active in the market today.

The UIC model in brief

  • Five business development programs.
  • Business coach model with 70 carefully selected business coaches and specialists from all sectors of industry.
  • Focuses on developing company businesses and not on renting offices.
  • Doesn’t take ownership in companies.
  • Has about 20 business partners who support the development of growth companies through seminars, individual coaching and by financial contributions to UIC.

An important part of the UIC model is the business coaching system where 70 carefully selected individuals from leading positions within commerce and industry guide companies in their business development. Business coaches support newly established corporate management and boards and contribute their knowledge, experience and networks. This broad range of coaching enables UIC to be industry-independent and allows companies to receive professional support from within their specific sector.

UIC also has a network of about 20 specialists, e.g. experts in industrialization with experience of how to progress from prototype to series production.

UIC takes no ownership in its companies and doesn’t rent premises. In this way, UIC can act as a neutral partner.