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AirForestry is revolutionizing forestry work

Thinning forests in a new way

AirForestry makes it possible to thin forests in a completely new way, namely from the air with the help of drones. So awesome. Innovations in this area are long awaited as we need to take care of our natural resources in the best possible way. It shows the development of recent years with droughts in places, forest fires and invasive species that are spreading.

AirForestry has developed a harvesting tool that flies out with a drone. Once in place, the tool grabs the top of the tree, hugs it and branches the tree to then saw off the trunk. The tree is then held in the tool’s grip all the way to the nearest driveway. Need we say that this is a whole new way of thinning forests?

An example of the fact that it’s not just we at UIC who think AirForestry is exciting is that they won the fine “Business Award” at the Techarenan in Almedalen in the summer of 2022. They did so in competition with 900 startup companies from all over the Nordics.

Link to AirForestrys web site