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  • Eko Grönovation

    A new concept of vertical farming – growing greens and herbs without pesticides, in an energy effective and eco-friendly way by using hi-tech sensors, automated with recirculated hydroponic system and energy efficient lighting, 365 days an year. This is an eco-friendly technology that reduces  the carbon footprint and toxification of lakes and seas.

  • The happy Defender

    Manufactures designed fender covers that spreads joy and happiness to boaters all over the globe. Happiness not just by design.  The fabric is made by recykled ocean plastics. We defend not only our boats but the oceans on which we travel.

  • Sally R

    Uses space technology to save energy in buildings and guarantee a healthy indoor air climate. This is achieved by combining ventilation solution used here on earth with technology used for climate control in space on the International Space Station.

  • VPCloud

    VPCloud helps the user to reduce environmental impact as well as the bills related to electricity consumption.

  • Innovironmental

    A new method for cleaning of exhaust gases in a way that reduces energy losses in combustion processes.

  • Sircle (fd. Yeolo)

    Sircle uses smart IOT sensor quantify bins fill level and GIS mapping its locations that improve efficient of waste collections, save operational cost up to 35%.


    Challenging the fashion industry. By introducing leather shoes, where the material can be traced back to the cow who provided the material. 

  • AsaDuru

    AsaDuru is creating self-sufficient housing communities in Africa using local materials, renewable energy and recycling systems.

  • Antibiotikanivåer

    Develops methods for measuring the levels of antibiotics in liquids. Potential applications include measurement of antibiotic concentrations in the plasma of patients during treatment, or detection of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater.

  • Advanced Aerobic Technology Sweden

    Offers a unique and hygiene solution for future sanitation needs that prevents the spread of infections. Provides a complete, safe and efficient concept for processing and recycling of nutrients.