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  • Seeding Solar (previous: SunBlocks)

    Seeding Solar is a financial product that offers simple investments in solar energy systems in developing countries.

  • Sun Labs Nordic

    Sun Labs Nordic want to show and visualize solar energy data in an easy and educational way that anyone can understand. It’s done in a web portal where it’s easy to connect and compare different solar facilities.

  • LeafyMade

    LeafyMade offers a substitute to the conventional disposable paper plates – an environmental, friendly and organic ones made out of leaves.

  • Ansvar

    ANSVAR® is a certification for pharmaceuticals companies who want to make a positive influence towards the development of a sustainable world. Ansvar is helping to take environmental responsibility in production to reach environmental goals.

  • Biofiber Tech Sweden

    Develops and  offers technical solutions for manufacturing of wood fiber based biocomposite  materials replacing fossil – based plastics for  applications in house hold products  and packaging.

  • ES-Medical

    Automated process for disinfection and rinsing of probes in a Y-tube in order to help clinics to achieve the hygien standards and stop cross contamination between patients.

  • Drupps

    Development of technology and products for efficient and lowcost production of freshwater from the air.

  • Bodani

    Digital service for funnier and easier ways to identify and learn more about nature.

  • Bitroot

    Bitroot is an automation system which monitors and computerizes a big part of the growing process of plants to increase the efficiency in greenhouses.

  • Eko Grönovation

    A new concept of vertical farming – growing greens and herbs without pesticides, in an energy effective and eco-friendly way by using hi-tech sensors, automated with recirculated hydroponic system and energy efficient lighting, 365 days an year. This is an eco-friendly technology that reduces  the carbon footprint and toxification of lakes and seas.