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  • Eko Grönovation

    A new concept of vertical farming – growing greens and herbs without pesticides, in an energy effective and eco-friendly way by using hi-tech sensors, automated with recirculated hydroponic system and energy efficient lighting, 365 days an year. This is an eco-friendly technology that reduces  the carbon footprint and toxification of lakes and seas.

  • Swedish Tempetations

    Mögelmat offers a high quality and delicious vegetable protein with unique health benefits based on Swedish, organic ingredients.

  • Vegafish

    New concept in organic production that combines fish farming and crop cultivation in closed recirculation systems with herbivorous fish species in a controlled greenhouse seting that eliminates many environmental problems currently hindering the creation of fish farms.

  • Exos

    Develops a fully-automated deboning machine for fish.

  • Bergström & Hellqvist

    Develops knowledge and working practices in food industry businesses, including quality assurance and environmental considerations.

  • Två-Con

    Mechanical engineering workshop with subcontracting and technical assignments in the processing industry (mainly food) offering design, construction, maintenance and repair of machines as well as industrial processes and plants.