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  • Seeding Solar (previous: SunBlocks)

    Seeding Solar is a financial product that offers simple investments in solar energy systems in developing countries.

  • Sun Labs Nordic

    Sun Labs Nordic want to show and visualize solar energy data in an easy and educational way that anyone can understand. It’s done in a web portal where it’s easy to connect and compare different solar facilities.

  • Soft Robot

    Soft Robot develops AI-solutions. Aiida is a digital assistant that will improve the way you work with files. Increase your productivity with artificial intelligence to help you save time to improve yourself and your business.

  • MealMatch

    MealMatch is an recipe app that makes your days easier. MealMatch inspires to find recipes and utilize what you’ve got at home in a smooth and easy way.

  • Hyperkonkret

    Hyperkonkret is a personalized digital tool which helps parents help their children with school subjects based upon the child’s own prerequisites.

  • Intellotel

    Intellotel is a digital hotel management system with role based interfaces and game changing functionality.

  • Stardots

    Stardots is a provider and distributor of data analysis within research and development departments for universities and companies.

  • Scandinavian Techsystems

    Life Diary is a lifestyle application that will help the user to achieve behavioural change with the help of colours. It provides an opportunity for people to get a holistic overview of their lives regarding eating habits, excercise habits, sleep, stress, mental well-beeing, etc.

  • 4mpt

    Gives companies the opportunity to hire more suitable and efficient personnel using a unique personality type system.

  • Prognostix

    Offerts PATHFX, an adaptive clinical decision support that facilitates individualized treatment decisions for patients with skeletal metastases by prognosticating survival.