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  • Lifestyle encyclopedia

    A lifestyle app based on behaviour modification by the use of colours. It is an opportunity for people to see the bigger picture of their lives regarding eating and exercise habits, sleep, stress, mental health etc.

  • NorthernLight Diagnostics

    At best 1/3 patients with depression respond to the first line antidepressant drugs. We are developing a biomarker to predict the response to antidepressant therapy before treatment initiation. This will dramatically shorten the suffering for patients and reduce the burden of disease and the costs for healthcare.

  • Deversify

    Deversify detects ideas and innovations within the mHealth domain which then are prototyped and offered, through license agreements, to market actors B2B who distibutes the product to health care providers and consumers.

  • preVet

    Development of intelligent health care applikations for animals.

  • Gymkompassen

    Developing a website were the users easily can compare the different choices of gym in Sweden. Gymkompassen will make the consumers decisions easier, and at the same time generate leads and new costumers for the companies.

  • Exosome Medical/ Prostasomes

    Developes a specific diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of prostate cancer with the help of prostasomes. And creates therapeutic vehicles for better medication of drugs, especially cytostatic pharmaceuticals, but also protein compounds.

  • ShapeSciFx

    The product of the union between science and arts, research and digital entertainment, accuracy and aesthetics. Through the use of the latest technologies, ShapeSciFx provides scientists with tailored media to help them to promote their research and technologies.

  • Fertsoft

    Developing and selling a complete management system for fertility clinics, adapted to the unique needs of each clinic. The system increases the the efficiency at the clinic and assist the clinic staff in their mission to help couples who are involuntary childless.

  • VistaDialog

    Offers an e-health service via virtual clinic. The service offers among other things online visits, which can be booked by the patient with the help of an mobile app. Our design is made to suit care and support of chronic disease and also rehabilitation when continuous contact between caregiver and care recipient is important.  

  • Medical Minds

    Medical Minds develops medical systems, devices and services for the future of health care.