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  • Spinckel Invest

    The company will develop and manage a platform that allows: (1) entrepreneurs/startups in early stage and established companies to meet and jointly apply for public funding to create innovation and new business ventures, and; (2) investors to create open calls for proposal  that entrepreneurs/startups can apply for their innovations and business ventures.

  • M&D Solutions

    Efficiency cooperation between individuals, companies and insurens companies

  • Bullux Board

    The company will produce customized longboards and cruisers boards made of carbon fiber and sell them through a web platform.

  • CutPilot

    Develops and sells specialized software for hairdressers, stylists and manicurists, as well as to schools that provide basic or further training in these professions. The software’s unique 3D engine visualizes structural drawings of the haircuts and styles to be performed, has interactive tutorials, and allows students to document and share their work. Teachers are able to review Läs mer

  • Stophop

    Develops alpine safety system. Especially targeted for snow parks.  

  • Hatori

    Clicko is a creative and fun building kit where young kids can learn letters and numbers while they play. Children builds letters and letters builds children! @clickosverige

  • Checkproof

    Helps companies prevent maintenance, quality assure and create a safer workplace. The easy to use app allows the user to quickly and easily perform their own checks and rounds as well as report deviations and incidents. The customer adapts CheckProof so it suits the company’s needs and business.    

  • Blonde Gypsy

    Product development in the beauty industry with innovative design and Tribal Marketing creates a whole new market segment.

  • FreePool

    Through an online based platform FreePool is about to create a new way to search for work and labour.  

  • Good Tutorial Europé AB

    Transforms the best books about science and society into powerful, film-based tutorials. The method is inspired by people with dyslexia and also works for busy people who love to keeping up-to-date with big ideas.