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    Qaem AM is an additive manufacturing company that helps other industries, small and large, to get started with this edge cutting technology, and have a place in the future of production, by means of consulting, designing and production.

  • Ullförmedlingen

    Ulförmedlingen, The Swedish Wool Agency, enables sheep farmers and wool processors to find one another to buy and sell wool, for the purpuse of using more of the broad spectra of the qualities of swedish wool from different sheep breeds.

  • Seeding Solar (previous: SunBlocks)

    Seeding Solar is a financial product that offers simple investments in solar energy systems in developing countries.

  • Soft Robot

    Soft Robot develops AI-solutions. Aiida is a digital assistant that will improve the way you work with files. Increase your productivity with artificial intelligence to help you save time to improve yourself and your business.

  • SmartPark

    SmartPark is a retractable handlebar for bicycles that facilitates parking in popular, crowded bike stands.

  • LeafyMade

    LeafyMade offers a substitute to the conventional disposable paper plates – an environmental, friendly and organic ones made out of leaves.

  • Hyperkonkret

    Hyperkonkret is a personalized digital tool which helps parents help their children with school subjects based upon the child’s own prerequisites.

  • Intellotel

    Intellotel is a digital hotel management system with role based interfaces and game changing functionality.

  • Nodified

    Enables cost effektive and accessible communication for businesses suffering from deficient telecom infrastructure or congested cellular networks

  • Robotics Care

    Robotics care is an innovative, medical aid that in a unique way helps people with a physical disability, whose mobility is severly or partially reduced, to take care of their personal hygiene by themselves. The Product, Poseidon is a hygiene robot.