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  • Unibap

    Unibap is a supplier of world class, safety critical vision processing solutions and rapidly moving into intelligent visual perception solutions.

  • New Century Information (NCI)

    Has developed a mobile platform in the area of “High Precision Outdoor Tracking”. It can be used for a variety of specialized or customized applications in all outdoor environments, sports or industry that requires detailed and advanced positioning data in real time.      

  • Sally R

    Uses space technology to save energy in buildings and guarantee a healthy indoor air climate. This is achieved by combining ventilation solution used here on earth with technology used for climate control in space on the International Space Station.

  • Geografiska informationsbyrån i Stockholm

    Geographic Information Agency are experts in geographic information. We work with innovation, analysis and production of geographical decision support information. Projects and visions mixed with outlooks and reflections on our blog.

  • NanoSpace

    Develops microsystem components for spacecraft.

  • Uppsala Nuclear Irradiation Centre (UNIC)/ TSL

    Provides irradiation services allowing research and industry to create reliable electronics for aerospace and aviation.

  • ÅAC Microtec

    Developing a new generation of small, powerful satellites.

  • APR Technologies

    Developing a sensor system for biofuels and a miniaturized temperature control system for aerospace and industry.