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  • Unibap

    Unibap is a supplier of world class, safety critical vision processing solutions and rapidly moving into intelligent visual perception solutions.

  • New Century Information (NCI)

    Has developed a mobile platform in the area of “High Precision Outdoor Tracking”. It can be used for a variety of specialized or customized applications in all outdoor environments, sports or industry that requires detailed and advanced positioning data in real time.      

  • Sally R

    Uses space technology to save energy in buildings and guarantee a healthy indoor air climate. This is achieved by combining ventilation solution used here on earth with technology used for climate control in space on the International Space Station.

  • Stophop

    Develops alpine safety system. Especially targeted for snow parks.  

  • VPCloud

    VPCloud helps the user to reduce environmental impact as well as the bills related to electricity consumption.

  • Basu & Fichtel

    Designing and developing new concepts in wearable technology.

  • Cadant

    Develops kitchen accessories that facilitates cooking. Cadant is also a consultant in mechanical engineering and simulation.

  • Innovironmental

    A new method for cleaning of exhaust gases in a way that reduces energy losses in combustion processes.

  • Featherway Robotics

    With innovative sensor systems and carbon fiber designs Featherway Robotics aims to commersialize ultra lightweight collaborative robots for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • AsaDuru

    AsaDuru is creating self-sufficient housing communities in Africa using local materials, renewable energy and recycling systems.