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    Qaem AM is an additive manufacturing company that helps other industries, small and large, to get started with this edge cutting technology, and have a place in the future of production, by means of consulting, designing and production.

  • Sun Labs Nordic

    Sun Labs Nordic want to show and visualize solar energy data in an easy and educational way that anyone can understand. It’s done in a web portal where it’s easy to connect and compare different solar facilities.

  • Soft Robot

    Soft Robot develops AI-solutions. Aiida is a digital assistant that will improve the way you work with files. Increase your productivity with artificial intelligence to help you save time to improve yourself and your business.

  • SmartPark

    SmartPark is a retractable handlebar for bicycles that facilitates parking in popular, crowded bike stands.

  • ChemoScan

    Cancer patients go through aggressive drug treatments without any guarantee for drug effect. ChemoScan helps doctors to avoid non-working cancer drugs, which reduces the suffering for patients and lower the cost of uneffective cancer treatments in health care.

  • Nodified

    Enables cost effektive and accessible communication for businesses suffering from deficient telecom infrastructure or congested cellular networks

  • Robotics Care

    Robotics care is an innovative, medical aid that in a unique way helps people with a physical disability, whose mobility is severly or partially reduced, to take care of their personal hygiene by themselves. The Product, Poseidon is a hygiene robot.

  • Umbrella Science

    With an excessive understanding of the biotech industry we develop and produce micro- and nano plastic disposables with a team of innovative researchers and engineers for customers within science and industry.

  • Prognostix

    Offerts PATHFX, an adaptive clinical decision support that facilitates individualized treatment decisions for patients with skeletal metastases by prognosticating survival.

  • Biofiber Tech Sweden

    Develops and  offers technical solutions for manufacturing of wood fiber based biocomposite  materials replacing fossil – based plastics for  applications in house hold products  and packaging.