A safetrack to Europe

EuroIncNet is an initiative by UIC that consists of a network including some of Europe’s top ranked business incubators, according to UBI Global’s listings, since 2015. UIC is ranked World Top 5 Business Incubator by UBI Global, 2019.

The partnership aims to increase the ability of incubator companies to enter the European market.

The seven business incubators that are currently part of the network are SetSquared in UK, INiTS in Austria, Imec in Belgium and i3P in Italy, Utrechtinc, Holland, Montpellier BIC in France and UIC in Sweden. 

EuroIncNet is financed in part by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

Some of the members of EuroIncNet: UIC, INiTS, SETsquared och IMEC.

For more information, please contact Monica

Monica Hedberg
External Consultant
Program manager ESA BIC Sweden