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  • 7C-Ventures

    Invest in early-stage internet, app, and software companies with teams looking to build a scalable business.

  • ÅForsk

    In addition to funding research, they also award scholarships to innovative entrepreneurs.

  • Aggregate

    Invests media space as expansion capital for small and medium-sized companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland that can significantly improve their development through increased marketing […]

  • Aktieom

    Helps entrepreneurs raise capital for continued expansion, with the goal of increasing shareholder value for existing and new owners. The focus in this area is […]

  • Alfvén & Didrikson

    Alfén & Didrikson is an active and long-term investor for passionate entrepreneurs and teams with international growth ambitions. Since their inception in 2010, they have […]

  • Alliance Ventures

    Alliance Ventures is a Nordic VC company that invests in exceptional early-stage technology companies founded by entrepreneurs with global ambitions.

  • Almi Företagspartner – contribution to verification

    Almi offers funding for various verification activities.

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