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Get started & develop your business idea

Do you have a really good business idea? Have you experienced a problem that you can solve? Are you thinking about how to get started and actually go from idea to customer? We help you develop your business idea into a validated business, step by step.

Go from idea to finished product or service

In this video, UIC’s business developers talk about how you can get started; Talk to people around you, talk to potential customers, start creating the product, a prototype, plan for the service, have goals and milestones, build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), work iteratively, that is: in batches, flexibly.

It is important to understand your customers and their problem in order to develop the right product for the right target group, and thus avoid ending up with a product that you and others invested time and money on that no one buys in the end.

Chapters in the film:

  1. Introduction
  2. Best way to get started
  3. The problem
  4. Talk to people
  5. MVP & Competence
  6. Goals & Milestones
  7. Key Takeaways

Get in touch with us and we will guide you to the next step in your business journey.