Support to my business idea

No matter what stage of life your idea is at, it can always come to UIC. Maybe it just took its first step? Then we will help each other so that it can take the next one. Maybe it has got stuck? Then we will work together with that situation.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, ready to fly or immature. We make sure every idea gets what it needs to grow into the best it can be.

See below; is it a coaching conversation you need to get ahead or maybe a Bootcamp? No pressure and no cost. If you are unsure, contact us and we will guide you.

Bootcamp participants

Individual conversation – coaching for you and your idea

Do you have a barely formulated idea or perhaps a start-up company? Regardless of where you and your idea are on the journey, we offer free advice and feedback. Here you can get tips and advice from experienced business coaches, completely free of charge and with non-binding.

How does it work?

Fill in your phone number at the link below and the subject of the coaching. You will then be called up by one of our business coaches who will offer their expertise and tools that you can use to take the next step. Of course, we will keep the conversation confidential. The short phone meeting is also a good way to get to know UIC and our business development programs.

Bootcamp –  see what your idea can grow into

The UIC Startup Bootcamp is what it sounds like – a bootcamp for ideas. Here you and your idea get an afternoon together with business developers from UIC. Here the requirements are low and you don’t need to have a company; an innovative idea that you believe in is enough. Bootcamp is free of charge.

How does it work?

The focus during the afternoon is on identifying the value that your idea brings to people, what unique benefits you and your idea can offer and how you reach potential customers. We work according to the Lean Canvas model to define the business model and the work you do during the UIC Startup Bootcamp can be used in an application to our other business development programs.

Do you want to know more?

Contact Muktar Ahmed
Business developer & Program manager
070-810 72 82

Upcoming bootcamps

  • 11 Oktober (Swedish, digital), kl 13.00-16.00
  • 8 November (English, digital), kl 13.00-16.00

Register for one of our UIC Bootcamps using the form below – no later than three days before the respective date.

NB! All events are conducted digitally via Zoom unless otherwise announced on the date.

Advantages of being a UIC company

Experienced advice and help in applying for financing

A coaching session or an afternoon at the UIC Startup Bootcamp is a good first step into the world of UIC. If you are accepted onto one of our programs, you receive access to knowledge, tools, beneficial offers from partners and the opportunity to apply for funding. If you are accepted onto the UIC Accelerator, you are eligible for SEK 500,000 from Linnéa Capital.

As a UIC company, you get access to the password-protected UIC company site, where we have collected information about various opportunities to apply for financing, tips on useful tools and more. We will tell you more when we meet.