How can I invest in interesting UIC companies and startups?

Many of the companies that come to us and participate in one of our programs are looking for investors. Here at UIC we obviously want to help, and we do this, for example, via events such as Uppsala Innovation Day and investment company Linnéa Capital.

UIC does not take any ownership in the UIC companies and can therefore be an independent partner. However, we have many friends in the Innovation System in Uppsala and we do everything to help each other. Read more below.

Linnéa Capital

The state venture capital company Saminvest and selected business angels make an investment in Linnéa Capital and the companies that meet the criteria to be admitted to the UIC Accelerator. The companies are offered an initial investment of up to SEK 600,000 and selected business angels are then given the opportunity to make subsequent investments together with Saminvest.

Linnéa Capital is aimed at both new and experienced business angels who want to work together to develop competitive companies. The goal is to strengthen the financial system around one of Sweden’s best incubators and innovative environments, while, at the same time, business angels get access to prosperous and interesting companies.

if you want to know more about Linnéa Capital, visit Linnéa Capital or contact

Additional ways to investment

Other friends you can contact to discuss and plan investments in Uppsala’s startup heaven are;

UU Invest

Invests in early stage companies that develop ideas and research from Uppsala University. They are happy to cooperate with external investors. You can find more information here: UU invest

SLU Holding

Invests in ideas that come from research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. You can find more information here: SLU Holding


Matches companies with the right tools and capital. Connect covers large parts of Sweden, with a strong presence in Uppsala and is constantly looking for contact with talented investors. You can find more information here:

Interesting companies


A company listed on the 33 list three years in a row is Altris. With their cathode chemistry consisting only of abundant and locally recoverable metals and fluorine-free electrolyte, they create the conditions for a sustainable mass production of batteries for the ongoing electrification.

UIC Selected

Everyone who has gone through UIC’s program is an alumni, and from that group, UIC highlights 2-3 companies per year that are particularly interesting. Companies that implemented our programs well and had a very good development. UIC’s board appoints the Selected companies.