Companies accepted to the business development program UIC Busienss Accelerator are offered a seed investment of 500,000 SEK from the Linnéa Capital fund, with possibilities for further investments directly from the angel investors. The goal is to strengthen the companies’ financial situation and increase growth opportunities.

Behind the financing is the state-owned venture capital company Saminvest and selected business angels, who together have made this contribution possible to Swedish business sector. UIC manages Linnéa Capital but continues to be neutral and takes no ownership interests in the companies. Linnéa Capital complements UIC’s model for business development with a strong financial network.

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The state-owned venture capital company Saminvest and selected business angels are investing in Linnéa Capital and the companies that meet the criteria to get accepted to UIC Business Accelerator. The companies are offered an initial investment of up to 500,000 SEK and business angels are given the opportunity to make follow-on investments together with Saminvest.

Linnéa Capital is looking for both new and experienced investors, wanting to collaborate in order to develop more competitive businesses. The goal is to strenghten the financial system around Sweden’s best incubators and their innovative environments, as well as giving angel investors access to interesting and valuable companies.

Press release, in Swedish, DI-digital 190610: Uppsala satsar 150 miljoner på tlllväxtbolag
Press release, in Swedish, DI-digital 190924: Ny fond ska satsa 150 miljoner på startups i Uppsala

“By combining competent business angels, capital and UIC’s successful business development support, Linnéa Capital further strenghtens the development of companies in our region giving them even better conditions to succeed. So far, the fund has been very beneficial for the companies and the investments made have helped open several new opportunities for them.”

Karin Modéen, CFO and debuty CEO at UIC.





Innovative companies, within all industries

recieve tailor-made business development support, networks, financing and knowledge required to develop, scale-up or reach an international market. The result is shorter time to market and reduced risks at early stages. 

UIC is one of Sweden’s leading business incubators and accelerators and is ranked by UBI Global as the World Top 5 Public Business Incubator. We want to contribute to a development of more growth companies with high survival rate! 

We work closely with the private and public sector, with about twenty UIC partners. They contribute to the companies’ development through seminars, individual counseling and direct services to the companies. We also have a broad network of hand-picked business coaches within all industrial sectors who share their expertice in order to help the companies achieve their stated goals.


Saminvest is investing time, expertice and capital

in privately managed venture capital funds. The goal is to strenghten the financial system around Sweden’s best incubators and their innovative environments. Saminvest works actively for the establishment of new venture capital funds with sufficient qualities and long-term ability to develop the Swedish venture capital market, giving innovative and fast-growing companies access to both capital and ownership skills. Saminvest invests in the most promising players on market terms.


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