Book an Open Coaching session with UIC

We invite you to schedule an individual coaching session with one of our business coaches. If you would like feedback on your business idea or input on a specific question, book an Open Coaching session.

Get feedback for free

Since it’s a short 30 minute meeting, please pick one question that you want to discuss. Our coaches will help you tackle this specific challenge and offer their expertise and insights and empower you to take action. Full confidentiality applies.

For whom?

Open Coaching is for everyone, for you with an new idea, entrepreneurs and startups. We can support you no matter if it’s simply an idea or a growing business.

Not sure where to start?

Open Coaching is also a great way to get to know UIC and our programs. Once you have participated in Open Coaching, we can stay in touch and invite you to apply to one of our business development programs. 

Book online

All meetings are organized online via Zoom. Calendar invites will be sent once you’ve booked your meeting.