Our programs

UIC (Uppsala Innovation Centre) offers three business development programs. Completing a program takes your business idea or company one more vital step on its road to commercial success. The result is faster time to market by a more competitive company with a higher survival rate.

UIC’s business development programs

UIC Business Startup makes it possible to go from idea to customer in three months.  Entrepreneurs, teams and companies are provided with the knowledge, guidance and networks required for achieving short time to market. The concept is based on such methods as Lean Startup and Customer Development, which are established among successful startups worldwide.


UIC Business Build
aims to strengthen early-development business processes in projects moving towards corporatisation or in already-started companies. Provides greater knowledge of business development, financing and what it takes to build a business concept and organisation.


UIC Business Accelerator
 is aimed at companies close to introducing a product or service on the market. Gives access to key resources in the business development process, e.g. business coaching, counselling, support with financing, seminars and a comprehensive business network.


Do you want to commercialize your idea?
If you or your company meet any of these criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • An idea with innovation height.
  • A person or team with great commitment and drive.
  • An idea of commercial interest.
  • Patent or other product protection possible.
  • An idea with international potential.
  • An idea with growth potential.

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