Advokatfirman Lindahl

Advokatfirman Lindahl

Besöksadress: Vaksalagatan 10, Uppsala
Telefon: 018-16 18 50

As business lawyers, we help companies carry out successful business transactions. Young companies face a lot of legal issues, regardless of whether the company is newly formed or has started its operations. Discussions with a lawyer can be a support and help in entrepreneurship. For example, it could be about providing tips before discussions with customers or investors, or how to reason when you find yourself on a collision course with a customer or partner.

The law firm Lindahl is one of Sweden's leading business law law firms. Our employees' experience spans all areas of business law. In Uppsala, we are currently 35 lawyers, most of whom work in the life science sector and with research-intensive companies. We strive towards long-term, personal commitment to our clients and we apply what we call “no nonsense”; our advice should be straightforward, concrete and not unnecessarily complicated. Through our international networks, we can also help you outside of Sweden's borders, which provides an extra security for clients with international contacts.

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