Agenda Advokatbyrå

Agenda Advokatbyrå

Besöksadress: Fyristorg 6, Uppsala
Telefon: 018-18 90 00

Agenda Advokatbyrå is a business law firm with offices in Uppsala, Gävle, Karlstad and Västerås and headquartered in Uppsala. We have both broad and deep expertise in all the aspects of business law that a modern, innovative company might need help with. We try to find the simplest and best solutions to legal issues whatever the deal and the prerequisites may be, By focusing on experience and competence transfer within our organisation, we ensure you always have access to our total combined experience and skills. Our website ( tells more about Agenda and how we work.

We have now been a partner of UIC for several years and consider it a great privilege to be involved in the development of innovative growth companies in the region, which we think is both important and exciting. Through our involvement in UIC, amongst other activities, we are well aware of issues relevant for start-ups in general and perhaps especially for companies within UIC. Our ambition is to deliver exactly the advice you need. No more, no less.

Feel free to call us and use us as a sounding board for various business issues. We are happy to offer initial advice free of charge. We hope that our offer will prove to be the door-opener for a long-term and successful collaboration.

Welcome to Agenda Advokatbyrå!

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Yngve Kihlström
018 - 18 90 31

Lotta Wikman Öhman
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