Akademiska Hus

Akademiska Hus

Besöksadress: Artillerigatan 7, Uppsala
Telefon: 010-5572400

Akademiska Hus’ mission is, together with universities and colleges, to strengthen Sweden’s standing as a nation of knowledge.

As part of that assignment, we be work to improve the opportunities for research to developed into products and services and for companies to strengthen collaboration between colleges and universities. Akademiska Hus builds, develops and manages environments for education, research and innovation from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south.

As a partner of UIC, Akademiska Hus will actively contribute to projects and companies within UIC's business development program that are receiving support in their development. We will do this by, for example, offering advice and advantageous rental alternatives. During the program period we offer, together with SLU Holding AB,  favorable membership in Green Innovation Park You will see the offer when you log in.


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Contact UIC companies
Anna Mård
Strategic rental agent, Akademiska Hus
Tel: +46 (0)70-628 32 16

Henrik Cyrén

Business Developer SLU Holding/Green Innovation Park

Tel: +46 (0)73-08 21 428