Besöksadress: Klostergatan 9
Telefon: 010-210 33 00

Aspia is a leading player in accounting, payroll, consulting and many other business-related services. At present, we are about 1450 employees across the country and just over 30 employees in Uppsala, who were previously some of the largest accounting and payroll players in the market; KPMG, PwC and DLN (Din Lön i Norden). Through the acquisition of Skeppsbron Skatt, we can also provide tax advice.

We believe in making the difficult easy, in efficiency, in change and in being present where entrepreneurs are. Therefore, it feels natural to contribute to and to be part of UIC.

We at Aspia are passionate about contributing our services and our knowledge to startups and growth companies and are especially looking forward to doing so within UIC's business development program. Via our digital platform, we ensure that companies are ready to develop and grow by having their “own” finance department right from the start, with exactly those functions that are needed for the current phase of development.

We have high ambitions and we invest in digitalisation and availability so that entrepreneurs can be even better at what they are already best at.


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Contact for UIC companies

Anette Carlsson
010-212-60 31