Brann AB

Brann AB

Besöksadress: Kungsängsgatan 29, Uppsala
Telefon: 018-56 89 00

Your ideas could be valuable to many people. You need to ensure the right to your invention, your brand, your design and your domain names. If someone takes your property and tries to make money on your idea, you must be able to defend it.

Brann is a full service agency. We know intellectual property and commercial law. With us, you get a complete protection network with patent applications, trademark registration, design protection, domain name or copyright, which can comprise the first important steps before a commercialization. We give you relevant advice, via an individual consultant / lawyer, or through one of our six technology groups who have the appropriate expertise for the assignment. Knowledgeable, caring, time and cost effective.

We are inspired by the creativity and ability of clients and employees to find unconventional solutions. Our way of securing our customers' business is often innovative, not least when it comes to the commercialization of intellectual capital. Intellectual property law has a value only when it is used strategically and commercially.

We are experts in intellectual property law and have extensive experience of protecting ideas both nationally and internationally. We involve ourselves in issues concerning your opportunities to strategically, commercially and financially exploit your ideas. How can you make your idea more unique? How do you ensure quality? When and where is it tactically correct to register it? Which forms of legal protection are most relevant to the case in question? Which commercial agreements are needed in parallel to maximize the opportunities for financial success and minimize the risks of unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties?

We ensure that you get a complete protection network with patents, trademark registration, design protection, copyright or domain names, which are often the first important steps in protecting and defending intellectual capital. We do the investigations, registrations, applications and follow-ups in the countries in question. We defend you in the event of an intrusion, in negotiations with suppliers, customers, competitors or other stakeholders who do not follow the rules of the game. Also in court if necessary, in Sweden and abroad.

In our collaboration with UIC, we provide advice on collaboration between intellectual property law, competition law and the Marketing Act.

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