Jesper Holm Designstudio

Jesper Holm Designstudio

Besöksadress: Bredgränd 3F
Telefon: 073 384 09 15

Jesper Holm Designstudio in Uppsala creates graphic form and illustration. We produce logos, graphic profiles, campaigns and provide design production. Our work should always be an investment for the companies we work with. Call on Jesper Holm Designstudio when both the inside and the outside count.

Design is often a critical factor for start-ups and growth companies. It can be crucial in connection with finding your first customers, new investors or when you need to strengthen your identity in connection with a growth process.

As a UIC partner, Jesper Holm Designstudio will focus on strengthening the identity of the companies that are linked to UIC's business development programs.

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Jesper Holm
073-384 09 15