Klövern AB

Klövern AB

Besöksadress: Virdings Allé 32, Uppsala
Telefon: 018-490 30 90


Uppsala Business Park in Fyrislund provides office and laboratory space in a stimulating Life Science environment. The area is characterized by companies in the pharmaceutical industry and has a high level of security. Uppsala Business Park is located in an expansive area directly adjacent to the E4 at the southern entrance to Uppsala. We are constantly developing our services to faclitate your business. In the area you will find restaurants, an office supplies shop, conference room for 6-90 people, kindergarten, occupational healthcare, gym, massage, cleaning services, etc.


Klövern's office hotels are grouped under the brand First Office. First Office offers efficient, flexible office hotels with workspaces and meeting places in a pleasant and inspiring environment. First Office is located in Kungsporten and in Uppsala Business Park and offers functional solutions at a reasonable price. After signing the agreement, you can move in immediately and quickly get started with your business. Visit the website at



Klövern is a real estate company that offers the customer efficient premises, with proximity and commitment, in selected growth regions. Klövern is one of the larger listed real estate companies in Sweden with a focus on commercial premises. Klövern operates Business and Science Parks in several locations.

We strive to develop our properties into meeting places and arenas where customers can grow their business. In efficient premises with good service and additional functions such as broadband, telephone and postal services and conference facilities, conditions are optimal. As a tenant and customer, you should always feel that we strive to make your everyday life easier. With committed employees, we can add that little extra, personal touch as a landlord and property owner.

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Sara Brännström
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