Besöksadress: Dragarbrunnsgatan 38, Uppsala
Telefon: 018 – 489 20 00

Vasakronan is Sweden's largest real estate company. In Uppsala, Vasakronan has about 500,000 sqm of housing and approximately 280,000 sqm of commercial premises. One of the commercial premises is Uppsala Science Park, otherwise these consist mostly of offices and shops. Today there are about 140 companies in Uppsala Science Park.

One of Vasakronan's tasks is to support the innovation system in Uppsala Science Park. We have developed a collaboration with UIC with an ambition that extends from offering premises and service to indirectly maximizing the newly started companies' financial space.

The core value of Uppsala Science Park is MEETING. In addition to this, we want to emphasize a number of supportive values: location, tradition, creative environment and service.

We offer UIC companies premises at a fixed price, we do not request guarantees or collateral, we offer flexible contract solutions and always try to give you the support you need!

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Contacts for UIC-companies:

Mårten Thorstensson
018 - 489 20 20

Karin Boberg
018 - 489 20 93