Privacy Policy

UIC’s policy and guidelines for processing personal data.



The General Data Protection Regulation applies to the processing of personal data by authorities, companies and individuals. Personal data includes any kind of information that could be directly or indirectly connected to a private living individual.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that you as a customer are made aware of how we process your personal data, the purposes for which we use them, the parties able to access them and how you can safeguard your rights

We protect your privacy

At UIC, we care about your personal privacy and we always protect the personal data of our customers. We prioritise the protection of all information entrusted to us and adhere to legislation and regulations in place to protect your privacy. Only a limited number of people with special authorisation have access to this information.

UIC only processes personal data for specific and explicitly stated purposes.

How UIC processes your personal data

UIC processes personal data with the aim of administrating its customer relationships. We are obliged to save certain data on other legal grounds, for example for accounting purposes and to satisfy requirements set by authorities. We may also use the information we possess about a customer to offer relevant information about, and marketing of, both our own and specially selected partners’ products and services. Whenever personal data is disclosed for processing on behalf of UIC, this is conducted in accordance with a specific agreement covered by confidentiality obligations.

Use of personal data

UIC processes personal data to enable us to fulfil the agreement entered into with the registered individual, and, where necessary, to satisfy obligations in accordance with applicable legislation. Consent is sought where agreements or legislative support are lacking, and information may be processed in certain cases using a “balance of interest” approach.

Information submitted to UIC is used to promote the growth of entrepreneurs, for example by putting suitable parties in contact with each other, helping entrepreneurs find partners or other support functions, as well as direct contact with information concerning funding opportunities, partner events and other relevant information. All of the above is intended to provide better and more personalised offers.

When signing up for UIC events, only information necessary for the event in question is obtained, and this is saved for a maximum of two months. When registering for UIC’s newsletter and information mailings, names and e-mail addresses are saved until the subscription is cancelled, at which point the data is deleted.

Names, e-mail addresses, organisational affiliation and telephone numbers are saved for partners in specific projects, participants in expert panels and similar activities, wherever such information is supplied. Data is saved for the duration of the partnership and then deleted either upon request or ten years after the conclusion of the partnership at the latest.

To ensure UIC is able to promote entrepreneurship and growth in our regions in the most effective way, data is collected in the form of leads. These are processed in accordance with the “balance of interest” approach and used for clearly predefined purposes. Data of this nature is saved until this purpose has been fulfilled, though no longer than two years.

The customer is always entitled to request that any personal data UIC possesses on them is not used for direct marketing purposes.


Collection of personal data

UIC principally collects personal data by way of

  • letters and correspondence
  • personal meetings
  • surveys
  • agreements
  • publicly accessible information
  • partners
  • events



Where necessary, UIC obtains consent from the customer before processing any personal data. The customer is entitled to retract any consent provided. In this case, UIC will not process any further personal data or update previously submitted personal data relating to the customer, if consent is a condition of processing that personal data.


Access to personal data

At UIC, only individuals with special authorisation have access to customers’ personal data.

Data registered with UIC may be forwarded to a limited extent to UIC’s partners; for example, we send contact information from UIC companies to our partners every quarter in line with agreements. Information is only submitted for explicitly stated purposes, for example in order to market events.

UIC also has agreements with companies that process personal data on behalf of UIC. These agreements contain provisions regarding confidentiality and security when processing personal data. Furthermore, UIC is always responsible for such processing and the customer may contact UIC with questions relating to this processing




Right to request an extract from the register

The customer has the right to request an extract of the data UIC processes about them personally. Any request for an extract should be signed and sent by post with a copy of a valid form of identification.

The customer may request the removal or amendment of their personal data if it is incorrect or incomplete.

The customer may also request that their data is not used for direct marketing purposes. Requests to stop receiving direct marketing can be made via e-mail. Please note that we require identification to be provided.

If you would like to be removed or amend any incorrect data, please contact us via 


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