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ESA BIC Sweden

Does your idea extend beyond Earth’s atmosphere?

Then you can get access to space-based technology and satellite information for your product development.

Person in space

What you get if you are accepted to ESA BIC Sweden

• Access to ESA’s large number of IP rights in space technology, electronics, communication, industrial production, health, energy, security, etc.
50,000 euros in funding for product development and IPR, 80 hours of technical support
• The company is admitted to UIC, ABI or Innovatum for business development support

The Swedish Space Agency and incubators in collaboration

In December 2015, the Swedish Space Agency inaugurated the Nordics’ first space incubator, ESA BIC Sweden, which is run by the business incubators UIC, Arctic Business Incubator (AB) in Luleå and the technology park Innovatum in Trollhättan.


Can you apply?

ESA BIC Sweden is for people, teams and/or companies with an innovative business idea based on space-based technology and information.

The company must be based in Sweden and not be older than five years. Is that you and your idea?

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Joacim Braunander

Program manager

076-135 50 62