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EuroIncNet, an initiative of UIC, is a network that includes some of Europe’s highest-ranked business incubators. The network has been active since 2015.

Your route to Europe

The collaboration aims to increase the incubator companies’ opportunities to establish themselves on the European market. The seven business incubators that are part of the network today are

 SetSquared, Great Britain, INiTS, Austria, Imec, Belgium, i3P in Italy, Utrechtinc, Holland, Montpellier BIC in France and UIC in Sweden.

It takes three steps

The cooperation within EuroIncNet is structured in three stages. The first step involves presenting yourself, your company and business model to the top incubator in the country the company wants to reach.

If the model is transferable to the new market, you go ahead and the incubator does a preliminary study to investigate more closely whether a launch in the country is possible. If everything looks good, the next step is for the company to draw up a launch plan with the support of the incubator.

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