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Swedish Scaleups

You a good business idea, customers and a business that works. Now is the time for it to happen, the time is yours. You’re going to grow, it’s time to scale up and you’ve come to the right place.

Swedish Scaleups helps create growth for innovative companies. Here you get help with developing skills, capital acquisition, internationalization and everything else that is required for your company to grow to the next level.

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A collaborative project

Swedish Scaleups is a collaborative project for innovative companies in the Mälardalen region. The project is managed by Inkubera in Örebro, Linköping Science Park, Create in Västerås and UIC.

The project has two long-term goals:

1. To provide support to innovative growth companies in the region.

2. To establish a sustainable large-regional platform for growth that integrates municipal, regional and national growth agendas and can live on after the project has ended.

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What does it take to qualify?

In order to be admitted to Swedish Scaleup, your company must meet a number of criteria. There must be a high level of innovation in your services or products. meaning, it can also be about new thinking regarding your business model, logistics, payment model, marketing or the like.

It requires a dedicated team, i.e. a strong will on the part of management to scale up and an understanding of what is required to do so.

Scalability and growth potential

The business model needs to be scalable, be able to handle 10,000 customers as easily as it previously managed ten. There is no specific size requirement. But a guideline is about seven million in turnover and ten full-time employees.

It is also important that there is a growth potential. To qualify for all parts of the program, 20% in three years in terms of turnover or number of full-time employees is required.

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