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The UIC Accelerator is aimed at innovative growth companies that are ready to scale up operations or to grow in an international market.

In the UIC Accelerator, as a business owner and entrepreneur, you receive individual business coaching from UIC and a hand-picked business coach from the broad UIC network. In addition, we have around twenty UIC partners who contribute their services and expertise towards the company’s development through, among other things, individual advice. At UIC we do not take ownership (shares) in the company. At UIC we do not take ownership (shares) in the company.

Together we set goals and milestones that will strengthen the company’s growth. We at UIC open up our network and share expertise from within UIC, from our business coaches and our UIC partners, so that your business can grow as quickly, safely and sustainably as possible. The UIC Accelerator runs for two years.

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Qualification requirements

To participate in the UIC Accelerator, the company is required to be a registered limited company and there should be an initial business plan, the market need should be defined and the product judged to have international potential within its industry. The strategy around patents, product protection and the like should have been evaluated. Participation in the UIC Accelerator requires great commitment and drive from both the innovators/entrepreneurs and the business coaches.

The funding for the first six months of the program must have been arranged.


Send in your application to the business development program UIC Accelerator at the bottom of the page. Your application will be treated confidentially. Decisions on participation in the accelerator program take place after 6-12 weeks. During that period, you will be interviewed one or two times and the project management will then give its recommendation to the board, which will decide on possible admission and submit a proposal for an agreement.

For more information, contact Helena Kristersson, see below.

SEK 600,000 in initial investment

Companies accepted to the UIC Accelerator are offered an initial investment of SEK 600,000 from Linnéa Capital.

Behind the financing is the state venture capital company Saminvest together with private business angels. UIC manages Linnéa Capital but continues to act neutrally and does not take ownership stakes in the companies. Linnéa Capital complements UIC’s model with business development with access to financing.

The goal is to strengthen the companies’ financial situation and increase growth opportunities.

About the UIC Accelerator

In the UIC Accelerator, your company is matched with a business coach from the UIC network.

Together with UIC, the business coach guides you in your business development. The business coaches are people in leading positions in the corporate world who have experience in business development and raising capital, and have knowledge of the commercialization process and the industry in which the company operates. You will of course be assigned a coach that matches your needs.

You will also be able to access UIC’s network of specialists, for example industrialization coaches who guide you from prototype to serial production. Or a coach for quality and regulatory issues. Whatever you need, we will get it to you.

Admission to the UIC Accelerator is every quarter Deadline for applications in 2023 is 1 February, 1 May, 1 September and 15 November.

Five tips for those who want to scale up

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Five tips for those who want to scale up

It is usually a safer journey if you have first tested the product or service on your home ground. You then have a secured source of income and can show that there is a market. Of course, this does not apply to all companies, but think it through and have a good plan!

Rig the company with a good organization for securing delivery. It is important to be able to deliver what you have promised.

Make a schedule for the amount of capital you want to take in and for what. Do it a few years ahead and carefully think through different scenarios, then you will be more credible when you meet investors. You must also have a good pitch and all documents in place before this phase.

Scaling up and internationalization are costly. Make sure you have the right team, properly capitalized and start on time. Remember that the team counts as value in the company and something that investors also look at.

Make sure to surround yourself with competent people from whom you can get help and support during the process. Feel free to build a Board with people who have made a similar journey – it is also important for the investors.

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Program manager UIC Accelerator

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