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UIC Business Accelerator is a tailor made one-to-one-coaching business development program

Through individual coaching by a matched business coach and UIC, you and your company is given access to key resources in the business development process, e.g. business coaching, counselling, support with financing, and a comprehensive business network.

The success rate for companies selected for the UIC Business Accelerator is high; about 9 out of 10 companies completing the program are still active and successful in the market.

UIC Business Accelerator runs for 2-3 years. 


Companies accepted to UIC Busienss Accelerator are offered a seed investment of 500,000 SEK from the Linnéa Capital fund.

Behind the funding is the state-owned venture capital company Saminvest and private angel investors. UIC manages the fund but continues to operate neutral and takes no ownership interest in the companies. The fund complements the UIC model of business development with access to funding.

The goal is to strengthen the companies’ financial situation and increase growth opportunities.

“Having an external speaking partner is crucial in the company’s development phase. The risk of having a too narrow perspective decreases dramatically and the cooperation with UIC helps us to succeed with our company development without losing customers on the way.”

– Mona Österberg, CEO, Mercodia


Get matched with a UIC Business Coach within the industry

An important part of the UIC model is UIC’s broad network of business coaches where carefully selected entrepreneurs, or persons on leading positions, together with UIC guide the UIC companies towards their stated goals. 

The business coach is carefully selected to match your company regarding both personal and professional qualities. He/she will have relevant experience from your company’s business area and experience from executive positions. 

The business coach guide and support you and your company up to eight hours a week and is a proven invaluable resource for the management

Based on his/her experience, the business coach sees early warning signs and can recommend corrective actions, but also has the ability to see new business opportunities in the form of business development, partnerships or the like.

In addition, UIC has a network of about 20 specialist industrialization coaches experienced in moving products from prototype to series production.

All business coaches and specialists within UIC’s network are approved by the UIC Board of Directors.


UIC Business Accelerator is open for innovative growth companies within all industries ready to scale or expand on a new or international market. 

To be accepted to the program, you need a business plan and a defined market for your product. Funding should be available for the initial six months and the possibilities for protecting the idea (e.g. patents) should have been evaluated.

If you and your company is accepted to the UIC Business Accelerator, you will experience an intense period where you need to focus on your business. Your commitment is essential for success.


If you are interested in applying to UIC Business Accelerator, or would like more information, please send an email to Patric Karlsson below.

Your application is processed with confidentiality and an admission to UIC Business Accelerator is decided within 6-12 weeks. During this period you will be interviewed by the admission committee who will submit a recommendation to the UIC board for their formal approval.

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