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UIC’s business development program UIC Business Build offers business development support for innovative projects and startups with high-growth potential. Along the way you will analyze your business idea and evaluate its viability and growth potential.

After completing this program you will have grown your knowledge of how to run your business and expanded your network. Furthermore, you will be supported in putting together a business plan and preparing a pitch presentation for future investors and/or partners.

UIC Business Build runs for three months and is free of charge.


UIC Business Build is open for startups, or projects, in need of a business- and implementation plan to take the next step in the company develoment.

“Without UIC, we’d never have been where we are today. They have supported us all the way from an initial idea to a launched product. We really recommend everyone with a business to apply to any of UIC’s programs!”

– David Fagersand, CEO & Co-founder, F&A Forecasting

Program Content

The program includes several hands-on half-day seminars with invited speakers. In addition, you are offered several individual meetings with experts to improve your presentation skills and gain advice on your business and market strategy.

The program is conducted in a workshop format one afternoon/week.

During the final gathering, you will present your business plan to a panel of experienced business advisors. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your performance before meeting future investors or partners. The pitch is carried out according to the NABC method developed by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).


In order to apply to UIC Business Build you sign up to a half-day UIC Startup Bootcamp where you structure your business idea with Lean Canvas and apply to the program with your canvas, according to the Lean Startup methodology.


Please use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you with information about coming UIC Startup Bootcamps and programs held in English.

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