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UIC Startup is a business development program for innovative business ideas that want to progress in their development. Here you get to work on developing your idea and ensuring it has the prerequisites for success. You get help in identifying and segmenting customers and then test your idea on those customers.

From idea to customer in three months

The UIC Startup program runs for three months with one meeting a week; between these occasions you are expected to work on your idea on your own.

In the program, you become acquainted with Lean Startup and the Customer development process, and we are supported by the Lean canvas tool to systematically test and develop your idea in the direction the market demands.

UIC Startup is free of charge

Guest lecturers from the business world

During the course of the program, we invite guest speakers who offer inspiration and valuable feedback.

At the end of the program you get to present yourself and your idea, together with other UIC companies, to an audience of investors, contacts and partners from the business world at the UIC Demo Day.

“Some of the insights I gained at UIC would have taken me at least five years to come up with on my own.”

– Andreas Dahlin, founder, Visualize Your Science

About UIC Startup

Contents of program

  • Vision, problems & customer segments
  • Sustainability & customer interviews
  • Unique value proposition & Channels
  • Build Measure Learn loop
  • Solution/Product
  • Pitch training 1 min
  • Revenue model & cost structure
  • Key Metrics & competitive advantages
  • Teams
  • Financing
  • Business reviews
  • Inspiration former UIC company
  • Pitch 10 min & Finale
  • UIC Demo Day

Previous knowledge

No prior knowledge is required, only an innovative business idea that you want to develop. Feel free to attend the UIC Startup Bootcamp first. The Lean Canvas that you develop there can then be attached to your application to UIC Startup. st.

Important dates

The program runs for three months with one meeting a week.

Next program starts: March 5 2024
Apply before Jan 31st


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Joacim Brauner

Business developer & program manager

076-135 50 62

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