Find the right business development program

At what stage are you with your business idea?

You have an idea. Maybe you’ve already formed a team. Or you are already in the starting blocks, and will soon be starting your entrepreneurial journey. We have business development programs for every step of your journey.

Add good collaborations for expansion into Europe, or reach out with ideas for outer space, and you understand that UIC is for you. Below you can see our offer. If you are not sure of the actual status of your idea, check here.

You are also welcome to contact one of us and we will guide you

Counseling at UIC

Our business development programs

Starting up

UIC Startup

UIC Startup is there to help innovative business ideas that want to move forwards. You get to work on developing your idea and ensuring it has the conditions for success. Also, you get to identify and segment customers to test your idea on them.

To participate in UIC Startup, you do not need to have registered a company.


UIC Build

UIC Build is for ideas that are ready for the next level. The program is aimed at those of you who already have an initial business model but need some help in moving forwards.

Maybe financing, a bigger network or a more efficient organization.

Scale up

UIC Accelerator

UIC Accelerator is the place for innovative ideas that are ready to scale up operations in Sweden or to become established on an international market.

We wants to see you succeed so UIC does not take any shares, and those who are accepted to the UIC Accelerator will receive an investment-offer of
SEK 600,000 from Linnéa Capital.

Out into Europe


EuroIncNet, an initiative from UIC, is a network that includes Europe’s highest-ranked companies according to UBI. The aim is to increase UIC companies’ opportunity to establish themselves outside Europe.

Enter outer space


ESA BIC Sweden is the Nordics’ first space incubator and is run by UIC, ABI and Innovatum. The program, ESA BIC Sweden, is for you who have an innovative idea based on space-based technology.


Swedish Scaleups

Swedish Scaleups is a collaboration between incubators and science parks in the Mälardalen region. Here you get help with developing skills, capital acquisition, internationalization and everything else that is required for your company to grow to the next level.

“Without UIC, we would never have been where we are today. They have helped us all the way from an initial idea to a finished product. We can really recommend you who run a business to apply for one of UIC’s programs!” – David Fagersand, CEO and co-founder, Indicio

Advantages of being a UIC company

Strong connection to business

One of UIC’s biggest advantages is our strong partner network, a collection of competent companies that help us and all our UIC companies in several ways. You meet them as lecturers and inspirers in our programs and at our events.

If you become a UIC company, you will also get access to unique offers that help you and your idea towards your goals and dreams.

Funding support and tips for startups

Financing assistance and other financial benefits

If you apply and are accepted to one of our programs, you will receive a login where you will have access to more substantial information. Tools and opportunities to post your own news on and more. There are tips on how to find different types of external financing and there you can apply for financing via Vinnova’s cheques. If you and your idea are accepted to the UIC Accelerator, you will be offered SEK 500,000 from Linnéa Capital. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more.


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