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Applying to the business development programs Startup and Build remains popular

Anyone with an innovative idea is welcome to apply to the Startup and Build programs, running twice a year at UIC. When the application period for the spring program ended, it was clear that the previous year’s application pressure was repeated. Only one in three applicants are accepted. The spring program has recently started and the participants display an impressive breadth of ideas.

Deltagare i Build våren 2023
Participants in Build spring 2023

Who is applying?

There is no typical applicant for our business development programs. The applicants may have a background as an individual innovator, come from the business sector, the public sector or the universities. Regardless of the background, all ideas go through UIC’s admission process, where the idea is assessed based on a number of criteria such as innovation level, growth potential and scalability. In addition, the idea must have a positive impact on the global goals in the UN’s Agenda 2030. As a business incubator UIC works with all industries, so the participants in the spring program are therefore found in industries as diverse as health, life science, energy and computer games.

Muktar Ahmed, business developer and program manager at UIC, what is the most important take away for the companies completing the Startup program?

−One of the biggest advantages of participating in the program is the access to a new network and many new contacts. In addition, the program creates a sense of belonging, being a member of a larger group with similar challenges, and often opens new doors for the participants. Such as getting in touch with investors, finding the right collaboration partners or something else.

He continues:
−The program content is of course also a significant factor that the participants take with them because it gives them the opportunity to actively challenge their business idea and work methodically to minimize the risks.

What is your advice for companies that wish to attend our programs this autumn?

−First, dare to share your idea. It is rarely the idea itself that determines success, but rather how it is implemented. Second, don’t be afraid to seek support and advice. It can help you avoid pitfalls and get valuable feedback, says Muktar and concludes:
−Participating in our Startup Bootcamp for an afternoon can be your first steps towards success!

Deltagare i Startup våren 2023
Startup participants spring 2023

Read more about the companies here:

UIC Startup spring 2023

Care Way

CareWay specializes in providing sensor-based solutions to track the elderly in their homes and collect data that is then analyzed to monitor and improve their well-being. Our advanced sensors are discreetly installed throughout the home to provide real-time data on movement, activity levels, and environmental conditions, so that caregivers can quickly respond to any changes.

CRISPR engineered microorganisms

Our CRISPR tool development service helps scientists who want to engineer microorganisms for their applications by reducing time and resources needed for strain engineering and diversifying the nature and number of genetic modifications possible; unlike traditional genetic tools.


Our innovative smart meter helps environmentally conscious individuals who want to efficiently monitor and reduce their water usage by minimizing water waste and inefficiencies and enables real-time tracking of water consumption. Unlike traditional water monitoring solutions, our system offers user-friendly analytics and personalized recommendations.

Green UP

Our Bio storage modules helps farmers with biowaste who want to utilize the full potential of the bio flows by reducing cost for being compliant with current legislation and utilizing the nourishment and energy potential in the biowaste. Unlike traditional storage solutions where bio values are lost and greenhouse gases are emitted during storage.

Lock& See

Our easy-to-install and cheap home security solution is designed specifically to help apartment owners who want to ensure their homes are safe and secure by reducing the time you spend worrying about burglaries and double-checking your doors and increasing your overall feeling of peace and security. Unlike expensive and complicated solutions from competitors like Yale Doorman and Glue, our product is a cost-effective and simple way to protect your home.

Scout Park

Scout Park is connecting parking companies with the citizens to provide the opportunity for anyone to earn an extra income by giving hot leads to the parking guards on where wrongly parked cars are located.


Scouval provide international students in Uppsala university with the best savings and experiences, while offering a loyalty program that rewards spending and a unique marketplace for businesses to offer sustainable products and services. Our platform uses geo-location data in real-time to connect businesses with nearby customers and improve their marketing campaigns. We are like the Tinder of e-commerce.


Our app simplifies the healthcare process by understanding your symptoms and guiding you to the right health care provider for your needs.

Yung Yung

Our language games help people who want to learn a language by reducing learning stress/energy spent and increase joy/motivation, unlike Duolingo.

UIC Build spring 2023


We are developing an IT system that is intuitive and user-friendly for aid assessors in the aid assessment process and legally secure for the applicant citizen.

Arc Tec

Develops a new construction toy based on biomimicry, inspired by nature. Arc-Tec allows the user to design exciting objects, modern architecture or art sculptures.  

Cybersolid AB

Cybersolid engineers the metal 3-D printer by an innovative technology, affordable yet with no compromise on mechanical performance.   

Datatera AB

Datatera bridges the gap between healthcare and technology by providing HealthTech companies access to high-quality, real-world data to enable them to develop accurate AI models that will elevate healthcare innovation and increase value for patients. 

Endorse Media AB

Endorse allows you to invest in content creators. Own a piece of their social platforms, share their future earnings and grow with their success.  

Feroe AB

Develops mobile games that utilize the latest, and most advanced, technology to create new gaming experiences.  

Green Cell Factories

Our Green Cell Factories are modified bacteria that we feed with CO2 for the direct production of a variety of useful products including 1-butanol, ethanol, terpenoids, etc. We can use carbon capture CO2 as a substrate to manufacture chemicals and fuels that are currently produced from fossil resources for a future with low carbon dioxide emissions.

Mediqtech International AB
Combining the power of AI, we aim to help improve patient safety by empowering doctors and nurses with the tools to further their education.

Plant-based Hair Care

Our specialised hair series provides the coily and curly hair community with novel products that bring out the best in their hair, whilst making a more sustainable choice in their day-to-day routine.

Subscriby Group AB

Subscriby enables a seamless subscriber experience, using a single service platform to subscribe and manage all subscriptions. Offering full conveniency and flexibility, is is the sustainable and smart way of buying everyday necessities, for both consumers and merchants.

Xcida AB
A bio-inspired solution that protects waterborne paints and other coatings from spoilage during production, transportation, and storage. The product, herein refer to as Zerocid works by killing bacterial and fungi. Zerocid is mulitfunctional, which has multiple properties and are used in formulations for main and minor objectives. The developed technology is not harmful and does not release chemical active