Idea owners and their companies

Here you will find those who received support from us at UIC

All ideas and companies that are accepted and complete one or more of our programs, we call UIC companies. They are forever part of our family. Here you can search for them based on various variables.

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  • BioChromix (acquired by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden)

    Developing unique products for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease as early as possible.

  • Camanio (Division By Zero, acquired by Brighter)

    Developing jDome BikeAround, which makes it possible to ride in a virtual environment. JDome BikeAround is used, among other things, by people in dementia homes […]

  • 123on


    123on gives users worldwide a unique way to personalize their cell phone by replacing a traditional ring tone for incoming calls with a video, e.g. […]

  • 3DNA

    Offers service and reagent kits for spatial gene expression analysis inside tissues and organs. We offer customized and verified panels of genes to customers. The […]

  • 3H Biomedical

    3H Biomedical

    Primary cells and cell-based products as biological tools for life-science research and drug screening.

  • 3PAQ Engineering

    3PAQ Engineering has developed a new process for the production of paper-based packaging materials, which provides stronger packaging while reducing the consumption of forest raw […]

  • 3UPP Media

    3UPP Media´s digital platform helps content creators access academic research by communicating information in a clear and accessible way.

  • 4mpt

    Gives companies the opportunity to hire more suitable and efficient personnel using a unique personality type system.