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AirForestry is developing a new autonomous, electrified and airborne production system for forest thinning.

MM18 Medical

Develops a software, Cellda®, for image analysis of tissue samples, focusing on prostate cancer. The technology can replace the pathologist’s manual, time-consuming and subjective cancer diagnosis with safe, fast and objective computerized diagnosis.


Gryningsteknik with the product Rawkoll creates new innovative services in the construction and real estate industry. We have energy-saving systems that create security and safety based on technique with open standard, with our wireless technology we ensure that properties and facilities work optimally with high operational reliability.

RpD Diagnostics

RpD Diagnostics are developing a rapid test for the sensitive detection of virus that offers the opportunity of rapid diagnostics in remote areas where health care is far away.

Pre Post Clinic

The platform of Pre Post Clinic helps plastic surgery clinics to offer more operations with new clients through a sustainable, easy-to-use, and healthy approach which increases revenue. Through specifically tailored exercises before and after operation, the patient can achieve best possible results.

Mattias Förkläde

An apron for difficult patient care which helps health care services to increase patient safety and reduce health care-related infections.

Malum Software

En mobilapplikation som smidigt identifierar din specifika elprodukt via mobiltelefonens kamera. Applikationens utformning med bilddatabaser och mönsteravkänning möjliggör en ny begagnatmarknad för reservdelar och riktar sig till både privatpersoner som företag.

Innoveramera Sverige (“Min idol”)

”Min Idol” helps parents to increase the motivation to exercise for their children, by letting popular youth and kids idols motivate and inspire more joy through movement.

Gender Balance

Gender Balance develops and applies research-based methods and tools to improve gender equality practices in private companies, governmental agencies, and public schools.


Zebrafish model system-based services focusing on modeling of the human genetic diseases and chemical screens using latest technology developments. Our services are cost and time efficient and are designed as an alternative solutions for rodent model system or cell-culture based methods.

Benny Zografov

A product used to reduce the spread of disease in hospitals and other public facilities, which leads to less sick leaves among employees and better patient safety by actively reducing bacteria and viruses on exposed physical areas.


ZEEDS application helps people and organisations who want to find meaning in their life by defining important values and creating values-based habits


The project aims to reduce the transmission of infections in vehicles by diverting the airflow in the vehicle from positive to negative pressure ventilation, similar to what is done in isolated airborne disease rooms in hospitals.

Nordic MicroAvionics

Nordic MicroAvionics offers microsystem-based technologies for aerospace, defense and new space sector. Microsystem technology enables small devices through microfabrication that allows efficient and cost-effective propulsion systems.

Grit tech & Innovation (

Grit tech & Innovation develops the world’s first and best ball machine for paddle and builds an attractive subscription service. We help end customers / players to carry out their own training of the highest quality. The paddle halls get help to operate and administer the ball machine and build up the training culture.


BioSolutions’ solution for climate and sustainability helps conscious companies to compensate for their impact through local involvement that creates new business.


Convenient and highly customizable solution for immediate and continuous multi-parameter monitoring of conditions in water-based environment.

The Lagom app

The Lagom app helps conscious consumers who want easy access to eco-friendly products by providing a marketplace for locally available options.


HPVir® offers a clinically validated, cost-effective home sampling for the identification of women at higher risk for cervical cancer as carriers of chronic HPV infection. Home sampling 24/7 frees up resources for both the individual woman and healthcare.


Straight from the clinic and with a deep understanding of healthcare, RoundBit create the communication tools necessary to handle the chaotic environment in the health care-sector. They develop Dendrit with focus on simplicity and well thought out solutions to increase co-operation and lower the cognitive load for health care personnel.

Easy Eat Dysfagikost

Easy Eat Dysphagic Diet develops new products for people with chewing and swallowing difficulties based on treatment of meat products to reduce death based on lack of intake of food.

3UPP Media

3UPP Media´s digital platform helps content creators access academic research by communicating information in a clear and accessible way.


Our service Zigned helps everyone who wants to sign documents digitally by reducing the hurdles of entry with a pay-per-use price plan and by offering an accessible user experience without usage rest.


Xplir´s digital process support streamlines listed companies’ work with financial reporting and compliance with new regulatory requirements, while increasing information security as well as cutting costs.

Sustainable Advantage

Sustainable Advantage is a SaaS company that through digital twins & digital tools helps companies find profitable and climate-smart investments. Our digital tools create forecasts and scenarios that link profitable investments to energy savings and sustainability goals in the electrification and energy sectors.


Storka empowers aspiring parents on their journeys towards pregnancy by offering a science & evidence-based preconception wellness programme in an app. Tending to our emotional and physical wellbeing before conceiving opens up golden opportunities to support our fertility, improve pregnancy outcomes and support the health of a future baby.

Signed by Mika

Signed by Mika develops two hygiene products in new Swedish biomaterials that partly replace oil-based plastics. Both products are characterized by a greener life cycle, high functionality and attractive design.


GraphMa Tech conducts development, production, sales and licensing of advanced materials and nanostructured materials.


PeptiSystems supplies the biopharmaceutical and biotech industry with instruments for solid-phase synthesis production of peptide and oligonucleotide therapeutics.


Dicot develop the product Libiguin® as a MPA approved drug for treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Trippus Event Solutions

Trippus is a complete tool for managing events, conferences, meetings and courses. Through smooth administration, the customer gets full control and can create professional large-scale events.

Sisyfos Digital

Sisyfos Digital AB has developed the product OVERBLIQ™ which is a powerful SaaS platform for creating, launching and maintaining content-rich apps and a mirrored website. OVERBLIQ create native apps and websites faster than ever and engage any person in editing without prior training.


Envirologic develops, manufactures and sells washing robots for cleaning in animal production sites, which means that e.g pig producers get a better working environment and reduced staff turnover increased productivity, leading to better profitability.

Save by Solar

Sun cell installations for industrial properties.

Sitlab Technologies Medtech

Sitlab’s platform is for researcehrs/scientists who want to analyse and store high throughout data in research and development, bioinformatics, medical image processing, and who want to do AI fuelled analytics, storage, and backup by reducing infrastructure cost, and avoiding wasting time, by better handling of large data sets, storage and backup issues on cloud and on premise.


Our Carbon dioxide capturing technology helps customers who wants to make a climate neutral product by making cows part of the solution and not the problem and to show a real carbon neutral production unlike buying traditional emission rights.


Stoqup’s reusable bag in box packaging helps food oil producers who want to improve productivity and profitability by reducing delivery costs, improving sustainability and streamlining operations, not to mention consumer retention vis-a-vis product freshness and overall user experience.


ReCubed’s sustainable food delivery platform helps restaurants and their customers who want to minimize the environmental impact of the delivery and take away culture by avoiding expensive logistics and packaging and providing safe, affordable and sustainable solutions unlike the existing food delivery providers.

Prexpect (Pregspect)

Prexpect unique online service “Pregspect” gives you who are pregnant the opportunity to find out more about your baby and when it is most likely that it will be born. They want you and your partner to have the best possible information and experience a calm and expectant pregnancy.

Wire Invest

Wire Invest is a company for female investors who want to invest in real estate. Our goal is to make the real estate industry equal – during our lifetime. We do this by getting more female capital into the industry, by creating more female investors.

Amino Health

Amino Health use glucose monitoring to provide people with a custom program that helps them reach their health goals. We apply machine learning algorithms on bio-sensing data to give precise and tailored health and wellness advice.


Oppioo – an AI companion app for cancer patients.
By combining the patient’s personal cancer treatment plan with a physical activity plan, Oppioo improves the cancer patient’s wellbeing and speeds up the recovery.


Mender is changing today’s unsustainable clothing consumption through a marketplace where one can get clothes repaired or re-sewn by private individuals.

Advanced Solar

Our system helps customers who want low cost environmentally friendly energy by offering an efficient solar harvesting system unlike current solar cell panels.

Emma Karlsson Consulting

Carry for Life wants everyone to be able to carry their insulin pump safer, more secure and to be able to live life to the fullest! In type 1 diabetes, the person affected must perform a life-
sustaining function manually – every day – every hour – around the clock for the rest of their lives.

3PAQ Engineering

3PAQ Engineering has developed a new process for the production of paper-based packaging materials, which provides stronger packaging while reducing the consumption of forest raw materials and energy.


An innovative device for ophthalmic measurement.


Intui challenges toxic content as part of online communities by using the latest in AI-tech. Intui enables companies to monitor the language used on their platforms, providing feedback on the toxicity of the language used by members of their community, making it possible for said companies to take adequate action.


Earthbanc is a climate fintech that enables individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprint, and utilize AI-driven metrics to make better financial decisions.


PandionIs’s satellite services help authorities and companies who want to secure society and make better business decisions by reduced uncertainty of global changes and through faster intelligence processes.

PandionAI want to increase the safety and global awareness of their customers by securing timely information of critical changes via the use of images from our AI-based satellite constellation AlertSat. In the globalized world of today, we see how rapid environmental changes are creating disruptive chains of events. Politics, environment, and business processes are all closely interlinked and affect each other in an unforeseen way. Forest wildfires extending into urban areas, expansive flooding into IT-suppliers facility areas, and uncontrolled global spreading of pandemic diseases are just a few emergency examples. This requires up-to-date information for efficient and credible decision-making. Space-based sensors for critical change detections, as our AlertSat, are superior tools in the collection of this vital environmental information.

ITSO Medical

ITSO Medical develops an introducer designed to improve the clinical results of transcatheter aorticvalve interventions.


For real estate developers that want to save time, reduce costs and improve value our data driven approach and AI generates a fully integrated and optimized design in just minutes.


A biotech company committed to preclinical development of novel molecules and methods for efficient brain targeting of biologics.

Helios Innovations

Helios Innovations have developed a new desalination method that can clean saltwater by using industrial waste heat. With this method factories can become self-sustaining and save water for human need.


Negentropy offers a sensor kit based on AI and IoT for personal prenatal care that can contribute to reduced risk of maternal mortality and improved health for mother and child.


Eclectica help small businesses collect data and turn it into actionable insights.

Uppsala Diagnostics Technologies

Uppsala Diagnostics Technologies provide a technology for data analysis and efficient search for composite biomarkers in medical data.

Strong Rider Tech

Strong Rider is an application that provides knowledge about correct fitness and mental training for equestrians to increase performance in the saddle. We offer a digital personal trainer and an individual training plan that both motivates and saves time for equestrians.

Study Keys 4 U

Our service helps families who want their children to succeed in their studies and where school work is a source of frustration. Unlike school resources, Study keys 4 U is available when you need us.


For people who want to converse, we offer a secure digital communication solution.


Rely is a digital platform for women who want to build wealth by creating new habits.


For people interested in a more nuanced picture of the world. Newstid presents several perspectives of the same event to break the confirmation bias of viral information. Unlike today’s media, Newstid shows a multifaceted picture of how news describes the world in order to improve transparency and source criticism.

Lanfor Utveckling

Lanfors’ flexible ceiling attaching device assist shop owners to increase sales through a better product exposure, and simultaneously achieve increased safety.


Sustainartillery´s designed globe absorbs carbon dioxide and helps sustainability-conscious organizations to contribute to a better climate while at the same time profiling their sustainable work in a symbolic,tangible and aesthetic way that also may inspire others to save our globe.


Vakansa is a proptech startup that is developing a platform that will make it easier to co-use facilities. Our goal is to fill facilities with activites when they are vacant during the days and give more actors in our cities the possibility to rent facilities cheap for their activites.


With innovative technology, OptiAnimal’s digital service helps the horse trainer to analyze the horse’s health status through objective facts in a unique overall picture. In a simple way, the sport horse’s well-being and performance can be optimized for a long and successful career.


Ecotype makes it easier and smoother to pick mushrooms and berries by showing where and when it grows.

Baetes Technologies

Baetes Technologies make a complete scalable and autonomous 3D scanning system which can scan, post process and produce 3D models of objects and showcase it directly on the web for e- customers.

I-CONIC Vision

I-CONIC Vision is developing innovative software to create 3D models in real-time from multiple video streams. The GPU-based software can be used even for video streams from moving cameras, for example on drones.


Spacepts software platform uses computer vision and machine learning to process Earth observation satellite data of infrastructure to enable safer, more efficient and sustainable operations.

EcoSand Nord

Developing an environmentally friendly, water-repellent sand that replaces the traditional sand, to can extend playing time, reduce damage, and have a better gaming experience on soccer grounds.

Wind Vertical-Axis Turbine

Wind Vertical-Axis Turbine’s wind-energy standalone system helps a compact system of wind turbine controlling energy to householders living in windy areas by giving on-site implements of the system.


Textcloud’s text processing platform helps business managers improve the efficiency of their teams by automating text related workflows and enabling employees to focus on more valuable tasks.

Swedish eNorm Software

Swedish eNorm Software’s Customer Program helps public organisations who want to establish models for information object rules, by reducing fear of not fulfilling regulations and enabling them to be perceived as a leader regarding metadata and rules.


Killcancer and therapies help the health care system to increase the lifespan of the patients by reducing late diagnoses and enabling early intervention on tumour growth.


Newergy’s high voltage cables help power grid operators to safely and efficiently deliver electricity by improving reliability and lowering the power losses.

Nanoform Science

NanoForm Science produces nanoporous materials, for different applications within the life science sector. The materials can be considered as medical tools of sorts that could significantly increase the effectiveness and safety of drug delivery technologies and treatments, as well as drastically decreasing the contamination level of facilities and equipment in the health care sector.


Metanova’s platform helps sustainability business managers in manufacturing industries who want to sell sustainably produced products by simplifying communication and enabling transparency in the supply chain.


Co-Grow’s digital platform helps small-scale farmers who want to sell vegetable subscriptions by gaining improved consumer relations and increased profits.


Cuteness smartphone tool helps young professionals to live in the moment, by reducing stress and building self confidence.


Vifoder’s network helps farmers who want to purchase cost-effective and sustainable feed by reducing transaction costs and by establishing new partnerships as well as providing direct access to accurate information.


Bodylitica’s thorough body composition analysis helps healthcare providers to reduce risks and allows for more informed therapeutical decision making.

Rider’s Position Sweden

Rider’s position digital realtime coach helps equestrian riders who want to improve their communication with their horse by giving feedback on their position in the saddle and creating a better riding experience for both parties.

MinFarm Bia

MinFarm’s LoRaWAN Satellite Gateway helps IoT Network Integrators who want to deploy IoT sensors in remote regions by integrating Satellite connectivity and enabling connections to cloud applications.

Intelligence Lab (Dechefr)

Dechefr is a risk assessment tool that helps analysts who want to make reliable risk assessments of individuals based on text by avoiding resource-consuming methods and using innovative interdisciplinary text mining.

Linca Diagnostics

Linca’s ultrasensitive and precise method for DNA mutation detection helps the clinicians and researchers to efficiently diagnose, select and monitor therapies for cancer patients.


Evolar’s power producing front glass for conventional solar panels helps solar panel manufacturers who want to improve their profitability by increasing the panel output by 25% and thereby lowering their customers’ electricity production cost.

Rebase Energy

Leveraging weather data for the transition of the power and utility industry by turning data into actionable insights. Rebase Energy provide power forecasts and risk/cost optimised decision support contributes to maximising profitability of distributed energy assets.


Skyqraft provides smart powerline inspection by using unmanned airplanes and machine learning to identify any damages to the powerlines/grid automatically.

Ten Penny TV

Ten Penny TV is a video streaming platform that allows users to skip ads and enables creators to increase their revenue. Adding opt-in low friction nano payments adds a more interactive watching experience.

Simson Consulting

Simson Consulting offers a service, as an app and an administrative it-platform, that drastically facilitates and quality assures the work of social service contractors.

Scientific Video Platform

Scientific Video Platform provides a technical platform for scientific video instruction to deal with the reproducibility crisis of the scientific experiments.

Mast Pharma

Mast Pharma offers a clinically validated treatments of allergic skin conditions for kids and adults.

Linnaeus 4D

Linnaeus 4D offers a unique set of tools, consisting of both IoT equipment and software for end modeling system that radically improves the environmental management processes.


Karbonomi offer digital tools to help companies and organizations transition to net-negative carbon dioxide emissions.


Investophant uses visualizations to encourage people to learn about investing and getting started building wealth for the future.

Havredals Biodevelop

Havredals develop healthy alternatives to dairy and meat products.


Isolode provides wireless silicone sensor nodes that create weigh, track, trace and trust services to the internet of logistics.


Primm offers personalized dietary advice and then offers nutritious and fiber-rich snacks specially designed for the consumer’s needs.

Nordic Fiber LAB

Electro Nanoscope Inventor is a portable, handheld laboratory device which is capable of producing and applying nanomaterials directly onto the desired surface. The device can be used to invent and test new variants of nanomaterials onto desired surfaces like skin, leather, medicines, solar cell, textile, space crafts, automotives, heating equipment, energy storage and building materials.


Offer a interactive gamified articles including videos, widgets and more. Intended to be used as digital education material.


Sunthetics has developed a technology for binding carbon dioxide from the air and using high temperature solar cell systems to convert the carbon dioxide into a liquid fuel.


SciFree’s new business model and technological infrastructure helps researchers and University libraries who want to reduce their publishing workload and achieve open access by semi-automating the publishing process.

Practise Norden Tech

Practise Norden Tech’s digital tool creates a common operational picture which helps management teams and decision makers create well-founded decisions in and outside the business.


Infrasonik creats high-intensity infrasound. They create a turbulence equivalent to three hurricanes in velocity. They use this to accelerate and energy-efficient industrial processes in three main areas; cooling, combustion and drying.

Moltic Pharma

Moltic Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the early development of a new drug for epilepsy

Messob Foods

Messob Foods develops new healthy breakfast products with teff.


Finc helps you optimize your company for an eventual divestment so that its financial information looks attractive to investors.


Secretissimum provides comprehensive services based on innovative technology solutions to simplify and automate privacy management for end users.


Mymechanic is the Uber for auto repair shops. Mobile car mechanics to your location.


BrainZell’s human brain organoid assays help pharma companies create new medicines for brain disorders by effective prediction of drug outcomes, increasing the success rate of clinical trials.

There is no cure for dementia, and treatments for mental illnesses have severe side effects. BrainZell develops human cell-based brain models that improve success rates of clinical trials. The technology helps pharmaceutical companies develop safe and effective medicines.

CA Holding

CA Holding finds external leaks before they damage the property by monitoring high risk areas and alerting property owners.

Vandra Adventure Learning

By integrating gamification with the Skolverket’s läroplan, our platform motivates students to learn and retain information through physical and mental exercises


Omicle’s scientist backed vehicle route algorithms help logistic companies to connect shippers and carriers by reducing truck empty loads and improve operational efficiency.

Modular Gaming Development

Microservice thinking for fast and stable development of computer games.

GreenCarpool Norden

GreenCarpool Norden offer mobility services to tenant-owner associations and real estate companies. Our service can reduce the land claim on parking by up to 50% and save money for property owners.


Our platform help golfers who want to find on-course transportation by digitalise the booking and paying system.


CliSmart helps the consumers and communities to supply fresh produce by completely reducing the duration from farm-to-table to a single day, and enabling a sustainable year-round local production.

Norrsidans Innovation AB

Norrsidans Innovations vision is to offer new solutions with the latest technology for optimizing the public sector using IoT. We create sensors and solutions for data management, visualisation and taskdeligation.


Ctrl-ms solution helps teachers and students to focus on education by eliminating distractions and at the same time saving costs for the school.


PropBot offer an artificial workforce for property management, operating faster, smarter and cheaper than manual labor. Our first AI offers 24/7 QA of all technical documentation, located digital archives

Spit Lab

Our predictive analytics app helps women with PCOS who want to get pregnant by reducing hormone imbalances and increasing ovulatory cycles.


Ekobot autonomous farm robot helps the farmer decrease the usage of chemical herbicides. This way we decrease the need for tractors and manual weeding and also free up time for the farmer.

BioCell Analytica Uppsala

BioCell Analytica’s innovative biological assays help drinking- and wastewater treatment plants who want to ensure good water quality by monitoring biological effects of all hazardous chemicals present in the water and thereby reduce human exposure and emission to the environment of hazardous chemicals.

Delsbo mjöl och bröd

Our packagig solution for fresh flour help costumers and producers optain a safe, clean, fresh product with long shelf life and without waste. Fresh milled flour will be more widely accessible without the need of home or in-house milling in bakeries.

TEMA Biotechnologies

Develops new techniques to amplify in situ detection signals from small molecular drug-target engagement in pathological samples, which confirm how a new drug candidate interacts with its intended on-targets in clinical drug development.


Food Addict is an anonymous self-help app against binge eating problems, which alleviates and cures our society’s most common eating disorder. For individuals, and for healthcare as support in treatment.


Tag-ON develops novel and selective tools for the imaging of biomarkers and drug compounds. Their technology facilitates the study, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Co-Properties Nordic

Co-Properties is the new way to invest in real estate. By using the crowdfunding-concept they reduce the capital need for a real estate investment dramatically and buy the properties together, with all the benefits but without any costly bank loans.

Science Market Uppsala

The mission is to help and create a knowledgeable society that can use information, search for the right sources and recognize pseudoscience and populism.


Comple provides a mobile drone platform as lighting solutions for rescue operations.


Enphasys provides services to evaluate the results of oral (drug) formulations. The goal is to accelerate drug development and to give patients access to suitable oral pharmaceutical products. Enphasys offers a variety of state-of-the-art in vitro assays that evaluate the performance of various oral drug formulations in the gastrointestinal tract.

Pedal Republic

A digital bicycle workshop that comes to you in one click, whether your bike is at work, town or home.

Vilu tech

Vilu tech developes a new type of skate blade for ice hockey and bandy. The goal is to improve the performance and glide of the blade by using a new material and unique manufacturing method.


Rodson develops a mechanism that will facilitate and save all watch users


A mobile application where you get a personal program to reduce dependence on social media.


FarmPharma develops a medicine for cattle that will reduce the need for antibiotics in livestock animals and thus will stop the antibiotic resistance growth that also affects people and takes about one million human lives in the world each year.

Valhal Connectivity

Optical meter reader made with latest Ai/Io Technic made by a dreamteam.


Development of tools for data collection on pike for research and sustainable fishing.

Arreton Labs

Arreton Labs is on a mission to bring the best of Business Process Management to the world of academia. Our products improve the efficiency of research, leading to better outcomes for researchers, universities, and society.

Trailer Save

Screw-in studs protection to use when transporting your horse to save the trailer floor.

Beotop Innovation

Exploiting asymmetric Free Space Optical (FSO) data communication for the industry. With our method, also traceability and control of industrial operations are achieved.

FoodFighters AB

FoodFighters is a marketplace for grocery shopping, a Pricerunner for food with smart filters for climate, price, fair trade, and health.

Lihoza Biomedical

An electronic implant that regulates the muscle contractions necessary for urination to be used in place of long term catheters


Nanosized makes feasible profitable mass fabrication of nanochips by providing unique nanopure water, NPW™, for the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Thyni & Viketoft Innovation

Thyni and Viketoft Innovation creates a cloud-based smart charging and energy management system that optimizes the charging of electric vehicles and the utilization of available power.

Social Vista

Social Vista is producing a technical solution to automate physical stores


Researgene is using DNA technology to identify what species, such as bacteria, plants and animals, are present in a biological sample.


Our product Smarty 3D helps companies who want to 3D print parts for clients as a service bureau or a company using 3D printing in-house by automating order and production management and reducing time and resource wastage by 75%.


The Spiral Hand Amplifier, with tools, provides strength for weak or stressed hands or wrists. Smooth construction makes it easy to put on and off.

Pixel Biology

Pixel Biology creates personal art based on your own DNA profile.


Vakansa is a platform for creating resource-efficient use of properties, buildings and premises. This is done by helping to release time vacancies and surface vacancies. Time vacancies are the times that buildings and premises are not used by the intended user and surface vacancies are surfaces such as roofs, walls, green/blue surfaces and hard surfaces that can be refined.

Friska DU

Friska DU have developed a methodology to avoid fall injuries mainly in the elderly.


Innovative, effective and fun IT courses for the elderly, to get them more involved in society. IT application for all individuals with IT difficulties.

Seeding Solar

Seeding Solar is a financial product that offers simple investments in energy systems based on solar power in developing countries.


SmartPark is a retractable bicycle handlebar that facilitates bicycle parking in popular bicycle racks.


Ullförmedlingen is an arena for Swedish wool by conveying Swedish wool, knowledge of Swedish wool and contacts in the Swedish wool industry. Ullförmedlingen enables and simplifies the purchase and sale of wool between sheep owners and wool processors with the overall aim that more of the Swedish wool with its diversity and different qualities from the Swedish sheep breeds will be useful and use.


WooLeads has developed an exploration tool for web agencies for new customer processing.


A unique innovation and a visual, educational tool which measures the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A tool easy to use for particulary businesses in order to see, value and decide how to think and act in order to create a more balanced business and therefore a more sustainable developed global balance.


Sciins grows and sells crickets free of viruses for food production and offers health control services for breeding populations.


Medify develops products for an updated health- and medical care, and accelerates the implementation of new treatment techniques from research, industry and clinic. Their product Medify is an intelligent tool for medical training.


DoloRadix vision is to deliver a leading platform for clinical pain management which will drastically alter the clinical routines and improve treatment outcomes in pain management.

Manta Wind

In the Manta Wind project, a new floating wind turbine is being developed. By using the rotation of the turbine to counteract the tipping moment from the wind, the turbine can be made 70% lighter than the leading competitor. Besides the high cost for today’s solutions, they also solve the problem of complex operations and heavy lifts offshore.


Vaccination should be painless and easy. It should be widely available even in the absence of refrigeration. The respiratory system has been shown to allow efficient delivery of many drug molecules. In Innohale, we are working on formulation and drug delivery strategies to enable effective immunisation via inhalation.

Neurora NLP

Neurora is the first smart-search engine that puts the user in control. The search engine visualizes and search results better than just a list, and without loosing user anonymity.


DreamScape is a fledgling collaboration, spawned from the idea that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Our solution gamifies the process of falling asleep, using an engaging audio only interactive story alongside unique game mechanics.


In todays deadline driven society Hawkeye wants to allow developers a tool so that they can catch up. Hawkeye gives a possibility for fast and instant searches with a really good overview and it is also integrated alongside the users favorite programs.


Developeration AB is developing a new device for surgical treatment of haemorrhoids. The new method will give better result, less complications and lower the treatment cost by over 70%.

Optima Planta

Automated plant production with aeroponics technology. The company develops a technical platform for cultivating plants without soil, sunlight or pesticides – vertically, locally and all year-round regardless of weather or season.


MindMend is the first researched based digital CBT treatment platform for adults with ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. It enables healthcare providers to digitize core business processes – from screening assessment to treatment and follow-up. It saves money by efficient use of personnel resources and improves care by providing patients with high quality treatment immediately after diagnosis.


GDPR-commander delivers a service for GDPR quality-assurance in organizations through gamification, using artificial intelligence and comprehensive documentation. This is done through a dynamic follow-up questionnaire that creates a customer-specific analysis and action plan.

Percy Roc

PercyRoc targets the commercialisation of technologies based on high power microwaves in mining and mineral processing industry. The goal is to create a new technological paradigm for the mining industry, improving the efficiency of drilling, ore comminution and other mineral beneficiation processes.

Fermo Technologies

FERMO Food simplifies life by helping people find home cooked food, save food and economy or get home delivery from restaurants.

Anders Lind Project (DNA Art Project)

Art and design products based on your own DNA.

Sigrid Therapeutics

Sigrid Therapeutics is developing an ingested medical device for lowering blood sugar in prediabetics.


WOD System Sweden

WOD Systems new router has an easy time control of internet browsing, built in into the router. It sends a wifi signal to the network and enables limitation of computer usage.

Liqway AB

Develops a tool that removes water from the work area in pipes, when welding.


Myntie simplifies giving to charity by collecting spare change when you buy something, so that small everyday contributions can make a big difference for the charities you choose.

Urbanska Innovation

An app that helps parents with colic babies. The app has several smart features such as checklists with tips rated by users, calendar to log food / sleep / screams where the Connections are calculated.


ReCalor develops a floor drain with integrated heat exchanger (DWHR), in order to recover energy from showers.

Bright Day Graphene

Bright Day Graphene creates innovative solutions that make a sustainable energy society possible.

Sun Labs Nordic

Sun Labs is specialized in development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), data visualization and real-time data logging for solar cell facilities and other sustainable energy sources.

MaishaBit (fd. Afiyasparks)

MaishaBit designs and develops digital health solutions in close collaboration with end users, ie patients and healthcare professionals. The goal is to make the healthcare more effective.


Bitroot is creating The Internet of Plants, a data collection system that helps greenhouse operators achieve optimal agronomics and reduce the risk of harvest loss. Bitroot monitor, analyze and predict plant growth and disease state based on high resolution real-time data. Bitroot believes in a sustainable future with local agriculture, stronger regional self-reliance and reduced transport needs.


Develops a technology which turns air into clean water.


SoftRobot develops AI solutions to streamline administrative and time-consuming tasks. The company offers a digital assistant called Aiida for accounting consultants and auditors.


Developing a digital tool for Communication between pet owners and veterinarians.


Upcard is a platform within autism and ADHD that supports children, parents, and caregivers in their Daily communication. The mission is to empower individuals, families, and organisations; encouraging them to experiment with technology designed to help them improve their quality of life by analyzing their own unique data.

Svensk Telepsykiatri

Offers high-quality psychiatric care, supervision and other related health care services through digital technology such as videoconferencing (e-visits) to those patients who are in need of them, regardless of where they reside.

Deep Forestry

Deep Forestry has developed a prototype drone that can safely navigate between trees below the canopy of commercial forests. The prototype has a powerful on-board computer and sensor package that can develop 3D models of entire forest stands. These can be used to provide accurate and precise wood volume calculations and georeferenced maps to assist in the harvesting process.

ENA (Enabling Absorption)

ENA is a contract research organization that evaluates the performance of oral drug formulations. ENA is used to predict dissolution, digestion and absorption in the intestine.

Navinci Diagnostics

At Navinci, the mission is to combine the latest technical advances in in-situ diagnostics into kits and services so scientists and physicians can diagnose, select therapies and monitor progress based on the clearest data possible. The clearer the data, the better the patient outcome. 


Oncodia develops CE/IVD approved software for mutation analysis of cancer, which meets the patient and healthcare need of fast and accurate diagnosis for the choice of right therapy.

Mission: Deliver the right treatment to the right patient

Peafowl Solar Power

Peafowl Solar Power has developed a new kind of solar cells that are highly transparent, affordable, efficient, stable and complies with the UN sustainability goals, for future integration in buildings or other materials.

Saguaro Methyl

Predicting response to cancer treatment based on epigenetic markers.


Vesicode develops cutting-edge molecular tools for high-throughput extracellular vesicles analysis, which can be useful in both academic and clinical studies. The long-term goal is to map diseases and explore the potential of very early diagnosis of many human cancers (and other diseases) in a pinprick blood sample.


The idea is to provide cell systems to screen for compounds targeting loss of NAT2 in colorectal cancer.

BDA (Bone mineral Density Analyzer) – Probingon

Probingon develops and markets sensors used in point-of-care devices that are part of a growing IoT ecosystem to monitor the status of individuals by capturing and analyzing meaningful health data for more efficient diagnostics in Healthcare.

Attack Point Security

AttackPointSecurity is helping companies make sure that they are both secure and produce secure solutions to their clients. The mission is to produce a solution that uses some new machine learning techniques to be able to find security holes in clients software or systems.

Afiya Health

Afiya health is a cloud based digital platform offering health care services to users on their smartphones by providing access to GPs, doctors and service providers in the health care value chain.


Altris provides a new cathode material for sodium-ion batteries, comprised from only aboundant and environmentally friendly materials.


Ansofy is a user friendly tool that allows the user to access news/articles from many different newspapers without having to subscribe for a separate subscription for each newspaper.

Cura Connect

Cura Connect is a free network for doctors and nurses where they can find great clinical jobs without agency recruiters and with full transparency of job details.

Dalili Design

Dalili design designs and produces hallway and wardrobe furniture for both private homes and commercial spaces. The focus is high functioning, innovative, user friendly design.

Epic Eats

Epic Eats is an application where the objective is to match diners with restaurants based on the applications AI. “Never experience bad food again”.


Curve based Software Synthesizer. Sounds are waves. Waves are best represented as curves.
Flow is a musical instrument where musicians create and sculpt living curves for everything that goes on with the sound.


The Spiral Hand amplifier, with tools, provides strength for weak or stressed hands or wrists. Smooth construction makes it easy to put on and off.


Iconicli is an online platform for the recruitment of photo models to companies in need of such services.


Matomatic offers food waste solutions to large kitchens in municipalities and restaurants. The products include a scale with a touchpad, and a website to report and receive feedback on the food waste.   


The most common type of skin problem is irritation eczema, which is often caused by repeated contact with water and detergents, skin retardant chemicals or strains on the skin. WW’s mission is to prevent and help people with hand eczema and hand dermatitis.


Hyperkonkret is a personalized digital tool which helps parents help their children with school subjects based upon the child’s own prerequisites.


Cancer patients go through aggressive drug treatments without any guarantee for drug effect. ChemoScan helps doctors to avoid non-working cancer drugs, which reduces the suffering for patients and lower the cost of uneffective cancer treatments in health care.


ANSVAR® is a certification for pharmaceuticals companies who want to make a positive influence towards the development of a sustainable world. Ansvar is helping to take environmental responsibility in production to reach environmental goals.

Okawi (LeafyMade)

LeafyMade offers a substitute to the conventional disposable paper plates – an environmental, friendly and organic ones made out of leaves.


Gives companies the opportunity to hire more suitable and efficient personnel using a unique personality type system.

Act & Eat

Act & Eat offers natural and vegetarian ready-made meals packaged in an appealing way for active individuals.


MealMatch is a recipe app that makes your days easier. MealMatch inspires to find recipes and utilize what you’ve got at home in a smooth and easy way.

Scandinavian Techsystems

Life Diary is a lifestyle application that will help the user to achieve behavioural change with the help of colours. It provides an opportunity for people to get a holistic overview of their lives regarding eating habits, excercise habits, sleep, stress, mental well-beeing, etc.

Umbrella Science

With an excessive understanding of the biotech industry we develop and produce micro- and nano plastic disposables with a team of innovative researchers and engineers for customers within science and industry.


Stardots is a provider and distributor of data analysis within research and development departments for universities and companies.

Robotics Care

Robotics care is an innovative, medical aid that in a unique way helps people with a physical disability, whose mobility is severly or partially reduced, to take care of their personal hygiene by themselves. The Product, Poseidon is a hygiene robot.


Enables cost effektive and accessible communication for businesses suffering from deficient telecom infrastructure or congested cellular networks.


Intellotel is a digital hotel management system with role based interfaces and game changing functionality.


Unibap is a supplier of world class, safety critical vision processing solutions and rapidly moving into intelligent visual perception solutions.

New Century Information (NCI)

Has developed a mobile platform in the area of “High Precision Outdoor Tracking”. It can be used for a variety of specialized or customized applications in all outdoor environments, sports or industry that requires detailed and advanced positioning data in real time.

Spinckel Invest

The company will develop and manage a platform that allows: (1) entrepreneurs/startups in early stage and established companies to meet and jointly apply for public funding to create innovation and new business ventures, and; (2) investors to create open calls for proposal  that entrepreneurs/startups can apply for their innovations and business ventures.

M&D Solutions

Efficiency cooperation between individuals, companies and insurens companies

Lifestyle encyclopedia

A lifestyle app based on behaviour modification by the use of colours. It is an opportunity for people to see the bigger picture of their lives regarding eating and exercise habits, sleep, stress, mental health etc.

Irisind Technologies

Avos is a cloud based  call center software for efficient communication, sales and marketing.

Eko Grönovation

A new concept of vertical farming – growing greens and herbs without pesticides, in an energy effective and eco-friendly way by using hi-tech sensors, automated with recirculated hydroponic system and energy efficient lighting, 365 days an year. This is an eco-friendly technology that reduces  the carbon footprint and toxification of lakes and seas.

Bullux Board

The company will produce customized longboards and cruisers boards made of carbon fiber and sell them through a web platform.

The happy Defender

Manufactures designed fender covers that spreads joy and happiness to boaters all over the globe. Happiness not just by design.  The fabric is made by recykled ocean plastics. We defend not only our boats but the oceans on which we travel.


Develops and sells specialized software for hairdressers, stylists and manicurists, as well as to schools that provide basic or further training in these professions. The software’s unique 3D engine visualizes structural drawings of the haircuts and styles to be performed, has interactive tutorials, and allows students to document and share their work. Teachers are able to review the progress and provide feedback, and manage a class of students remotely. The software is compatible across devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones).

NorthernLight Diagnostics

At best 1/3 patients with depression respond to the first line antidepressant drugs. We are developing a biomarker to predict the response to antidepressant therapy before treatment initiation. This will dramatically shorten the suffering for patients and reduce the burden of disease and the costs for healthcare.


Mögelmat offers a high quality and delicious vegetable protein with unique health benefits based on Swedish, organic ingredients.


Deversify detects ideas and innovations within the mHealth domain which then are prototyped and offered, through license agreements, to market actors B2B who distibutes the product to health care providers and consumers.

Sally R

Uses space technology to save energy in buildings and guarantee a healthy indoor air climate. This is achieved by combining ventilation solution used here on earth with technology used for climate control in space on the International Space Station.


Develops alpine safety system. Especially targeted for snow parks.



Helps industry and consumers to make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty. This is done with help of software and services that are based upon a unique computational algorithm.



Development of intelligent health care applikations for animals.


A social intelligence app when you quickly need to gather honest opinions and information from other individuals.


VPCloud helps the user to reduce environmental impact as well as the bills related to electricity consumption.


A sports statistics and umpiring application


Basu & Fichtel

Designing and developing new concepts in wearable technology.


Clicko is a creative and fun building kit where young kids can learn letters and numbers while they play. Children builds letters and letters builds children! @clickosverige


Helps companies prevent maintenance, quality assure and create a safer workplace. The easy to use app allows the user to quickly and easily perform their own checks and rounds as well as report deviations and incidents. The customer adapts CheckProof so it suits the company’s needs and business.


Developing a website were the users easily can compare the different choices of gym in Sweden. Gymkompassen will make the consumers decisions easier, and at the same time generate leads and new costumers for the companies.


Develops kitchen accessories that facilitates cooking. Cadant is also a consultant in mechanical engineering and simulation.


A new method for cleaning of exhaust gases in a way that reduces energy losses in combustion processes.

Blonde Gypsy

Product development in the beauty industry with innovative design and Tribal Marketing creates a whole new market segment.


Through an online based platform FreePool is about to create a new way to search for work and labour.


Good Tutorial Europé AB

Transforms the best books about science and society into powerful, film-based tutorials. The method is inspired by people with dyslexia and also works for busy people who love to keeping up-to-date with big ideas.

Sircle (fd. Yeolo)

Sircle uses smart IOT sensor quantify bins fill level and GIS mapping its locations that improve efficient of waste collections, save operational cost up to 35%.

Playdate (fd. World2wire)

World2wire offers the ability to search for jobs and recruit staff in an new exciting way where the focus is to emphasize the person looking for a job and the company seeking staff. Matches the right company with the right employee worldwide.

Exosome Medical/ Prostasomes

Developes a specific diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of prostate cancer with the help of prostasomes. And creates therapeutic vehicles for better medication of drugs, especially cytostatic pharmaceuticals, but also protein compounds.

Geografiska informationsbyrån i Stockholm

Geographic Information Agency are experts in geographic information. We work with innovation, analysis and production of geographical decision support information. Projects and visions mixed with outlooks and reflections on our blog.


The product of the union between science and arts, research and digital entertainment, accuracy and aesthetics. Through the use of the latest technologies, ShapeSciFx provides scientists with tailored media to help them to promote their research and technologies.


Developing and selling a complete management system for fertility clinics, adapted to the unique needs of each clinic. The system increases the the efficiency at the clinic and assist the clinic staff in their mission to help couples who are involuntary childless.

Minaanbud Sverige

Provides a comprehensive system for procurements within the construction industry that simplifies the process and creates more business opportunities for builders and subcontractors.


Challenging the fashion industry. By introducing leather shoes, where the material can be traced back to the cow who provided the material. 


An audioguide that encourages and helps enable people to guide themselves around cities according to their own interests.


Creates organic yoga clothes with colorful African print.


A smart service, helping companies to reach out with important information. Recipients gets the information via push-messages or SMS and can give feedback with a single click. With Infoping you get instant statistics and confirmation that the information has been delivered and recieved, which gives a good base for important decisions.


Offers an e-health service via virtual clinic. The service offers among other things online visits, which can be booked by the patient with the help of an mobile app. Our design is made to suit care and support of chronic disease and also rehabilitation when continuous contact between caregiver and care recipient is important.


Featherway Robotics

With innovative sensor systems and carbon fiber designs Featherway Robotics aims to commersialize ultra lightweight collaborative robots for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Medical Minds

Medical Minds develops medical systems, devices and services for the future of health care.

Intromedia Sverige

Helps medium to large businesses / organizations with tailored IT services, whether it is e-commerce, intranet, web application or server in the cloud with geographic replication, single sign-on solution for accessing the company’s business applications or lift existing e-mail management to the cloud.


A decision support system for the prognostication of prostate cancer, which will help pathologists decide who can live with prostate cancer and who requires surgery to survive.


AsaDuru is creating self-sufficient housing communities in Africa using local materials, renewable energy and recycling systems.


Develops methods for measuring the levels of antibiotics in liquids. Potential applications include measurement of antibiotic concentrations in the plasma of patients during treatment, or detection of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater.


Designer of Okawi Smartbox. A 2-in-1 lunch box that intends to separate cold from warm food.

Vali Electric Scooters

Offers electric scooters with light, portable batteries that can be easily disconnected, transported and charged anywhere. You just need a power outlet to be able to recharge the battery of your scooter at home, work, your friend’s place; like a mobile phone. Vali Electric Scooters contributes to make the world a better place: – noise, – pollution, + fun!

Advanced Aerobic Technology Sweden

Offers a unique and hygiene solution for future sanitation needs that prevents the spread of infections. Provides a complete, safe and efficient concept for processing and recycling of nutrients.



Provides a revolutionary way of conducting market research and reaches out to respondents that actually represents the society by offering smart incentives.

Cavis Technologies

Develops an innovative catheter for improved diagnosis of cardiac problems.

Surgical Polymers

Develop and provide polymer compositions for prevention of infection after surgery.

RHM i Hållnäs

No human administration between sales and production.


Offers service and reagent kits for spatial gene expression analysis inside tissues and organs. We offer customized and verified panels of genes to customers. The customer receives a reagent kit and performs a samples preperation step. After assessing the quality, the customer sends the processed sample to 3DNA. In their service facility they perform the sequencing reaction and analysis and the customer receives the results.

Uppsala Geophysical Services (UGS)

Aim at improved quality seismic investigations by the use of innovative and modern technique. Focusing on Swedish urban infrastructure projects.



Hästfokus AB develops a certification scheme for horse welfare at horse facilities. The system includes a tool for asessing horse welfare which along with a decision-support feedback will aid both assessors and horse owners in decisionmaking regarding horse welfare.


Develops a service for consumers of groceries. The user can plan their purchases, compare products and find the best offering.



TeamUp’s vision is to increase innovation opportunities and offer a community for student entrepreneurs. Here, students who want to combine their studies with practical experience through entrepreneurship, meets start-ups who are looking for the right talent to help them to realize their vision.

African Opportunities

Develops a company to provide rural Africa, outside the electrical grid, with renewable, powerful and reliable electricity while supporting local entrepreneurs through creation of a market for sustainable biomass.

Nipla Consulting

To provide coaches, managers and educators with visual tools.


Appstockholm creates mobile apps within coaching, mental training and leadership,,,



ResearchMate is a user-friendly and smart web tool for anyone who is processing large amounts of digital texts and want to be more effective and systematic in his/her work. ResearchMate helps you to reduce information, keep track and order your sources you have used and can be used with any gadget/OS.


Customize your own training journal and design it after your personal style and preferences. The training journal is a well known used tool among athletes around the world to help keep track of the progress.


Psymbios is a lifecoach who empowers people to improve their wellbeing. Psymbios utilizes the latest technology in machine learning and knowledge from psychological science  to give people the tools they need improve and monitor their wellbeing.


Business intelligence between people, companies and Univeristies in connected environments.

Symptoms Europe

Symptoms creates increased health faster and safer and to lower cost compared to today. Symptoms brings value based health care that focuses on the patient. Symptoms is a free service financed by health care providers.

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Offers made to measure curtains as a option when buying an new produced apartment or house. Customers can get the curtain rails mounted and curtains delivered in time for access to their new home.


Developing a software tool for feasibility studies and planning for PV installations. Estimate your future production and profitability with radiation and shading calculations made in a 3D environment.

UAW Holding

UAW Holding offers, a mentoring program with one goal in mind. To help refugees with engineering background get their first skilled job in Sweden.

Fröken Lo

Fröken Lo provides materials that stimulate young children’s personal and linguistic development in a playful way.


Boardie is a complementary product for existing ski lifts to improve comfort and provide a more enjoyable experience for the lift users. Ski resorts also have an oppurtunity to generate additional advertising income through Boardie.


The student consulting company for the green sector. Akretus makes knowledge from students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences available to the rest of the world.


Offers services in consulting and practical solutions to organizations and individuals who need a change in their everyday activities. Derivata’s focus areas are Health, Education and Management.


Has analysis tools that help companies develop and implement action plans to make more efficient use of energy and resources. Users can streamline their use of energy, water and waste to reduce their costs and improve their environmental performance.

Linnea Omsorg

Provides individualised treatment for adolescents and adults with special needs. Covers HVB (care or residence) homes, daily activities, personal assistance and group homes for adults under LSS (legislation related to support and service needs).

Epidemi form och produktion

Designs, manufactures and sells its own custom collection of home furnishings and art objects made in concrete.

Cray Innovation

Developing a new in vitro diagnostics method for predicting the risk of cancer.


Delivers UMPZERO, the state of the art in excitation equipment.
With patented technology, generators achieve unprecedented performance.

Fourth State Systems

Develops new technology for transcutaneous blood gas monitoring, i.e., measurements of the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the body through the skin. Such analysis is widely important in healthcare, and vital for modern neonatal care.


A Swedish world-leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality immunoassay kits. Specialized in ELISA assays for clinical as well as research applications within diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Mercodia also offers assays applicable in both human and animal models.

Blykalla reaktorer Stockholm / Lead Cold

Develops small lead-cooled nuclear power plants for production of electricity and heat in Arctic regions.


Ancsafe’s product Toweranchor offers a way to use fall protection without having to climb up and mount the fall protection rope.

F3 SNOW Technologies

Is developing the next generation of snow making equipment to guarantee snow independently of weather and temperature conditions all year around.

Rentag (Ridzén Innovation)

To facilitate and create a safer housing market in Uppsala, Rentag offers services for those who want to rent out property. This makes it safer for both the tenant and lessor who otherwise risk of being involved in fraud.


The Haptics-Assisted Surgery Planning System (HASP) is a tool for surgeons to plan reconstructions of congenital and acquired defects in the head and neck area. Benefits include increased surgical precision that results in improved healing, function and aesthetics, and decreased intraoperative time with reduced morbidity and cost savings.


The KLARA specialist unit offers a cohesive process aimed at preparing and navigating participants with mental disorders toward the workplace through individual initiatives.


Offers a patented technology for encapsulating microorganisms and bioactive substances to enhance storage stability and enable controlled release.

Genagon Therapeutics

Offers a system for identifying cell surface interactions and is developing biopharmaceuticals in indication areas such as cachexia, bone metastases and immune check-point inhibitors.

ProAktiv Resurs Sverige

The “practical” manual on NPDs – of course you can improve your way of life. A book that provides parents and relatives with tips and advice on helping and supporting family members who have been diagnosed with a neuropsychiatric condition.


With an initial focus on the professional dental market, Psilox is commercializing a new type of ceramic particle.


Develops new tools for the detection of biofilm-producing bacteria in laboratory and hospital settings.

Molecular Fingerprint Sweden

Offers spectroscopic techniques for identifying bioindicators for the early diagnosis of diseases, such as Alzheimers.

Ilya Pharma

Developing a concept based on genetically modified bacteria to help wounds heal more effectively.


An international hotel concept for the young-minded generation.

Mapro Systems

Mapro Systems develops and produces machines primarily for agriculture and forestry.


Solution for securing and trading values ​​in the real estate market.

Barnens rörelsebyrå/SOMP-I

Strucutured Observation of Motor Performance in Infants (SOMP-I) is an unique method for measuring infants motor performance during the first year of life. The method is based on contemporary theories of motor development and aims to early idenfy children with motor anomolies to enable early intervention.


Develops new pharmaceutical products for which there is substantial medicinal demand by applying innovative solutions to existing pharmaceutical substances.

ATM Notation

The notations for plays, movements and processes by ATM Notation make for sports what music notation has meant to music and what blueprints has done to technic and architecture. Learning speed is improved. It gives clarity and visibility to processes. Transfer of competence and progress is simplified.

IN Uppsala

International social network for expats and their families in Uppsala. Strives to make an internationally friendly communication platform that is easily accessible to everyone who moved here for work, study and new experience. Makes Uppsala more international by organising various useful events, meetups and workshops.


RehabVetNet supplies veterinary information on the net.

Connecting People

Supports companies to communicate their message – the vision, strategies and objectives – to employees through various events to achieve significantly higher efficiency and productivity, which in turn leads to increased profitability.


The FöräldraFokus method helps parents create optimal conditions for increasing their child’s learning capacity.


PeePointer is a product that entertains the bar guests during their visits to the toilet at the same time it keeps urinals clean.

Kontigo Care

Developes mHealth tools that changes healthcare. Kontigo Care delivers innovative user-friendly, mobile solutions, that give a better everyday life for both patients and caregivers.

Eribis Pharmaceuticals

Develops a new peptide drug for cardiovascular indications.

Electroengine in Sweden

Develops a new concept and technology for the electric cars of the future.


Develops jDome BikeAround, which makes it possible to ride in a virtual environment. JDome BikeAround is used, among other things, by people in dementia homes who can cycle with the hometown’s street project on display.


As a contract laboratory and consultants provide services in pharmaceutical microbiology, aseptic processing, pharmaceutical water systems, lyophilization, and formulation of biotech products to the Life Science Industry.

Arvid ®

Arvid ® is an internet-based e-health solution for supporting people who stutter, and clinicians with exercises following Precision Fluency Shaping program, PFSP/ Comprehensive Stuttering Program, CSP. Arvid ® is a registered trademark for Sweden, European Union and Norway. Arvid ® is the result of 20 years of clinical research in stuttering. The first edition of Arvid ® will be released in English and Swedish.

Azure Dragon Travel

Azure Dragon Travel will by its services, create a better experience for the Chinese guests while visiting Sweden. Thus increase profitability for the Swedish tourism industry.

Swetrade Pharmaceuticals

Swetrade Pharmaceuticals develops and promotes internationally an antiseptic product for  disinfection of both intact skin as well as of infected acute and chronic skin ulcers.

Noviga Research

Noviga Research is focused on the development of small molecules for the new, more effective treatment of cancer.

Assyriska FF, ungdom

Bårsta IP Sports & Science, when sports, environment and modern science reaches great heights.


noBoundaries offers a portable and intuative learning solution for dyslexics who take on higher education. The vision is to make higher education a realistic alternative for dyslexics and make them reach their full potential.


An e-learning platform in patent and commercialization of patents that are primarily directed towards PhD students and researchers.

Adventure Box Technology

Adventure Box is a free-to-play super-viral and socialmedia integrated multiplayer RPG and Empire Builder, that plays in a web browser. Adventure Box is created by the new Swedish game studio Happy L-Lord AB.

iCellate Medical

iCellate conducts applied research as well as develops, manufactures, markets and sells its own innovative medical devices and related services within the field of circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection and characterization in cancer research, clinical trials and diagnosis.


OneLab provides information about health without the hassle. Find out what’s going on inside the body, quickly and conveniently!

Flippad historia

The Educational Videobook is the teaching aid of the future. The vision is to create a digital platform with engaging videos and interactive excersizes that motivate pupils to learn in a fun way. It comes with a unique set of tools designed for teachers which allows them to spend more time with their pupils.

Indicio Technologies

Develops software for analysis and forecasting of internal variables such as sales, inventory and demand, and external variables such as exchange rate, commodity and interest rates, for practical use in risk management, strategic purchasing, budgeting and hedging in the industry and banking sector.


Cykelkompis is an app that aims to ease and encourage cycling by helping the cyclists solve everyday issues.
It helps the user to find the nearest pump stations or workshops, but also to provide with any essential information that can come in use for a cyclist.


SynApps develops an evaluation system for integration in mobile applications.


HelpOut is a market place for services, finding help when people most need it. HelpOut conveys the need to people in the vicinity who swiftly can come to the rescue.

Ridgeview Diagnostics

Exploits diagnostic possibilities based on real-time measurement techniques.

Resorbable Devices

Develops bioresorbable implants that allow easier, safer and faster surgery.

Replico Medical

Develops diagnostic kits for improved analysis of microorganisms causing fever and tropical diseases.

RM Medic-Tech

Offers a wide range of services, including product solutions and training in biomedical technology, with a focus on Positron Emission Tomography PET.


Commercializing a sterile injectable viscous solution that can relieve osteoarthritis in animals (horses / dogs) and humans

Regency paintball

Develops innovative equipment (markers / guns / rifles) and accessories for paintball.

Radio Tradio

Develops new concepts and products in web-based accounting and financial radio.


Development and sales of graphics technology software and hardware.


Employs newly-developed computer-based prediction methodology and consultative expertise to replace traditional lab studies in ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion), giving faster results and decisions plus increased sensitivity and reliability. This results in time and cost savings as well as better selection in the drug development process.


Offers new approaches for determining inflammation based on long-term research.

ProForestry Sweden

Develops key innovations for profitable forest regeneration, e.g. MultiPro protection against the pine weevil.


Deriving from both the HoReCa (Hotel Restaurant Café) and Medtech industries, Prizm develops products and processes that solve problems or find alternative uses. All operations are conducted with a sound environmental and economic focus. A new safe cutting board system for professional users is the first result.


Offers software that allows calculating returns on internet advertising and optimizing advertising for the right customer groups.


Offers a service platform for developing cell cultures for in vitro studies.


Simulates the film-making process with a web-based platform that lets consumers make their own films.


Social marketplace for buying, selling and discovering second-hand items and fashion.


Brings harmony to workplaces and homes by creating innovative and unique ecosystems comprising of water, plant walls and fish.

Pharem Biotech

Offers new technology for removing pharmaceuticals from aquatic environments.


Developing a treatment method to prevent turbid / cloudy vision following cataract surgery.


Uses the peptide oxytocin to develop a product for treating vaginal atrophy.

Pelago Bioscience

Offers Target Engagement studies of drug candidate interactions with target proteins in cells and tissues with the patented CETSA™ method.

Viedoc Technologies

Develops and markets software-based tools for clinical trials and patient registries for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare services.

Pophunters Film & TV

Produces interactive information films for training in large organizations.


Development of new diagnostics and cell-based therapies for Parkinson’s Disease.


Collects large amounts of information and data to deliver data services that facilitate car parking.


Develops security solutions for businesses enabling users to know that products are authentic, i.e. not fake, and have been safely managed throughout the supply chain – from manufacturer, via the distributor to the end-customer.

OT Chemistry (acquired by Recipharm)

CRO primarily in preclinical research and with an emphasis on chemistry (synthesis and analytical). Also engaged in consulting to research companies.


Develops, manufactures and markets products and services globally for the treatment of severe bone defects, initially in the skull area. Vision is to be perceived by patients and caregivers as the leading supplier in selected focus areas.


Develops tools to change the purchasing behaviour of consumers.


Women’s clothing designed for customized fitting and with innovative practical solutions.

Open Eye

Method for social change activities in organizations.

One Day Sweden

Bridges the gap between students’ quest for future employers and businesses’ need of long-term investment in human capital. Achieved via Employer Branding films on an IT-based platform that also give insights into the choices and paths that graduates should take to reach their dream job.

Oncotargeting cancer

Mission is to develop drugs for highly-targeted cancer treatment.

Omnicore AB

Provides the Myactive solution for gathering all training in a cell phone, making it easier for users to log and share their workout. An instructor connection offers a powerful tool to extend and strengthen the user / instructor relationship.


Develops methods for fermenting grain to new foods. Acquired by Cerealia Foods.


Develops ground-breaking technologies for biomolecular analysis.

Offspring Biosciences

Provides services for molecular pathologic analyses to create information that helps the pharmaceutical and biotech industries make correct decisions for faster, more efficient and resource-saving development of new drugs.


Portal containing mobile-to-mobile games plus coupled high-score lists.


Scientific profiling of nutritional supplements.


Develops products for hospitals and medical centres to make healthcare faster, easier and more efficient.

Novel Medic

Contract manufacturing in clean-rooms.

Novavax (formerly Isconova)

Develops adjuvants for vaccine preparation.

Novandi Chemistry

Provides first-class isotope-labelled compounds with quality control, stability studies, dispensing, warehousing, shipping and technology transfer.

Nova Diamant

Developing a new method of manufacturing diamond tools.

Northern Light Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical company with core competence in the preclinical and early clinical development of innovative medicines for treating pain and neurological diseases.


Commercializing products that simplify and streamline surgical operations in hospitals.

Night Node Software

A small indie studio developing games for PCs. Launched the game Orbital Gear in 2014.


Intelligent control of heating systems in villas and buildings.

GomSpace Sweden

Develops microsystem components for spacecraft.


Develops and sells a new family of nanoporous metal oxides with applications in catalysis, drug delivery and acoustics.

N4 Sverige

N4 provides research and manufacturing companies in the Life Science Industry with cost-effective support as well as operation and maintenance of systems and equipment.

Månbas Alpha

Commercialising a revolutionary solution for the large-scale transport and storage of hydrogen gas where the replacement of gasoline is the largest application area.


Works with micro-electromechanical systems. Has a miniaturized multi-stable actuator as a unique product.

Modular Streams

Software company whose proprietary platform Infomap:r allows text analysis of social media sites, news feeds and web pages. The platform analyses brand strength, level of demand, and public perception of the benefits and shortcomings of a company’s product or service.


Commercializes services in bioinformatics and statistical modelling.


Developing an internationally-influenced case-management methodology that provides new opportunities in the field of social work.

MITM – Man In The Middle

Developing a medical record system based on open-source software with built-in interactive decision support for healthcare.


Develops and commercialises new processes and products related to biofuel production.


Business concept is to sell inspirational and unique workout clothes for women.


Freelway develops and runs Gofreel, which is a web-based service that coordinates transports between people, businesses, organizations, municipalities and/or county councils. The purpose is to reduce emissions and costs related to internal and outsourced transportation.


Admescope Sweden

Highly specialized CRO offering metabolism investigations at all stages of drug discovery and development to increase understanding of drug metabolism and thereby to support the development of efficacious and safe drugs.

Mechanical attack

Designs and manufactures lock-forcing tools for easier and faster action, particularly in rescue operations.

MAR creative

Designing clothes and accessories with street and surf looks.

M-powerment Solutions

Brings new solutions to improve the quality of healthcare while increasing the opportunities to meet future demographic challenges.


Developing a totally new modular riding saddle

Svensk Tradition

Designs and sells exclusive collapsible figures / products based on ancient Swedish traditions but in modernized form.


Website for services related to quality of life.


Provides an electronic solution for building plans that reduces the risk of error during construction work.


Commercialises products that make surgical operations quicker and less costly and reduce the number of post-operative treatments.


Commercialises innovations related to railway points that better tolerate winter conditions.

Kradle Life Sciences

Sales of medical and pharmaceutical products, primarily in Africa.

Kolnegativ förbränning

Business concept offers qualified system integration for carbon-negative combustion with carbon black as a by-product as well as carbon cleansing of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is removed from the air while electricity, heat and by-products are formed.


Develops and sells a service to help government employees and others write in clear and easy-to-understand Swedish.

Kings of Sweden

Online store with mainly Swedish high quality interior design and lifestyle products.


Applies ingenious medicinal chemistry to transform innovative projects from academia into high-quality starting points ready for Lead Optimisation in the pharmaceutical industry. Also supplies custom-designed substance collections.

KAM Care Design

Organic nursing products for neonatal care.

Integrated Antennas

Knowledge-intensive technology company that develops products and subsystems in close collaboration with customers.


Develops a bone cement with greater elasticity. Lowers the risk of complications and tailored for pain relief and stabilization of fractures in osteoporosis patients.

Ingenjörsfirma Tommy Leindahl (ITL)

Provides equipment and systems for production enhancements and technology solutions, primarily in pharmaceutical and GMP production.

Immuneed (fd ImmuKnow/AMACLoop)

Offers advanced immunological / immune toxicological profiling of monoclonal antibodies and other biopharmaceuticals in human whole blood.

Imint, Image Intelligence

Develops software that enhances and automates the task of analyzing video images sent from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as stabilizing videos filmed with smartphones.


Treatment of Candida infections with special antibodies.

Stoories (Snowbits)

Offers e-serialized novels online where chapters are released while the story is written, giving readers the opportunity to influence the plot.

Strandberg Guitars

Develops guitars with a low-weight, ergonomic design that makes it possible to play them longer and better.

Street Media 7

Develops games for cell phones.

Svensk e-identitet

Provides simple, secure and cost-effective services for the electronic identification of users at login. The services are flexible, dynamic and work for ‘everything from blogging to the bank.’

Swedish Environmental Markets (SEM)

Develops and commercializes innovative new technologies within recycling.

The Yacht Week

Uses modern, web-based network marketing combined with automated booking and payment to offer sailing events in the Mediterranean for students in western Europe.

Theravac Pharmaceuticals

Develops therapeutic vaccines against allergies and cancer.


Web-based mediation of neighbour services

Sprint Bioscience

Develops innovative medicines with a focus on cancer and tumor metabolism. In this area, Sprint Bioscience has solid expertise and a leading position.

Spotted Buffalo

Uses genetic engineering to provide access to the spotted buffalo for religious rites.

Salipro Biotech

Develops nanoparticles that increase the solubility of hydrophobic substances with applications in, for example, cosmetics, pharmaceutical development and vaccinations.

Rätt Spår i Uppsala

Quality assurance system for treatment in healthcare.


Provides an extremely robust robot as an alternative to security guards and expensive traditional surveillance technology.


Multiple and hyperspectral cameras for exploratory, mapping and surveillance systems.

Uppsala Nuclear Irradiation Centre (UNIC)/ TSL

Provides irradiation services allowing research and industry to create reliable electronics for aerospace and aviation.

Uprise Enterprise

A business concept offering efficient e-commerce solutions with support for networking sales for small and medium businesses.


Solutions for securing of and trading in property market valuations.

VBN Components

VBN produce extremely wear and heat resistant metal components with their Vibenite® materials, according to customer drawings and with 3D Printing.

Vecta Biosystems

Developing DNA diagnostics for fast, cost-effective test results on-site.


New concept in organic production that combines fish farming and crop cultivation in closed recirculation systems with herbivorous fish species in a controlled greenhouse seting that eliminates many environmental problems currently hindering the creation of fish farms.


Vidilab is a veterinary laboratory with smart solutions for “finding worms” and trichinae in animals and testing the nutritional content of silage.


Offers an environmentally-friendly surface treatment that combats fouling in marine and other environments.

Visual Health

Provides a pedagogical and visual picture of health linked to lifestyle. Uses practical and proven methods to motivate improved lifestyle and health.

TMF – The Matrix Fuel

An affordable web-based marketing platform aimed at advertising producers and intermediary firms that integrates the internet with mobile and stationary recyclable flat screens.


Develops and sells a system for remote inspections and training in healthcare.


Develops and commercializes microwave-based equipment that reduces the time, cost and environmental impact of pharmaceutical manufacture.

WeatherTech Scandinavia

Offers solutions and services that maximize the profitability of weather-dependent activities (wind farms, property companies, etc.).

ÅAC Microtec

Developing a new generation of small, powerful satellites.

Husförsegling grön

Offers and applies an environmentally-approved durable material for roofs and insulation against radon.

HRM Skandinavia

Develops technological music aids.


Provides tools to simplify everyday life for active seniors and people with functional disabilities.

Hikari Bio

Developing a new technology for protein detection and quantification in gel-based proteomics with a thousand-fold improvement in sensitivity and dynamic range.


Developing an effective floating platform that combines and utilizes various energy sources available at sea.

Hela hälsan

An innovative treatment concept focused on multiple problems and habilitation.


Business idea is to use smart marketing channels to offer bodybuilders a more enjoyable and effective workout by analysing movements and visualizing results.

Guru Audio

Develops and sells high-end speakers for hi-fi and professional use.

Grätz Bodbacka

Development and sale of computer programs.


Developing a new tool for studying the signals in the body that control blood vessel formation. The method can also be used to acquire related knowledge, e.g. how tumour and nerve cells grow.

Golvon Badrumsrenoveringar

Offers turnkey projects for laying floors with special expertise in floor screeding.


Offers genetic counselling prior to prenatal diagnosis or for patients with an established increased risk of genetic disorders.

Genetta Soft

Software for bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.

Game Installations Rinman

How do you get children and adolescents to exercise more? Fenix is a movement-driven computer game for two competing teams with plenty of music and exciting challenges; an effective agent to combat obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Fröken Smart

Develops and sells designer utility items that facilitate everyday life.

Frontline Diagnostics

Develops a system for rapid diagnosis within emergency and primary care.


Develops software systems for the oil industry based on geological data.


A plastic audio format together with a software synthesizer for sculpting graphical instrument sounds / reverberations / timbres.


Developing a more efficient method for measuring radiation damage in cancer therapy to optimize the radiation dose for the patient.


Produces animated films that create a broad interest for new scientific knowledge


Working on a method for authentication of digital images.


New method for fast and secure finger-pressure readings.


Develops and sells a tool that makes it easy for business owners to draw up an environmental and quality assurance plan and thus qualify for tenders where the purchaser makes such demands.

Fecit EU Care

Mediates healthcare services in the EU.

QPS Sweden

Offers customized preclinical contract research services that help customers to evaluate drug candidates in neurology and pain relief.

Facilitate Partner

The company behind the Anna PS underwear brand, a new concept on the market. Also provides consulting in production management and leadership development.


Indoor and outdoor art constructed in etched and / or laser-cut Perspex fitted with LED lighting.


Develops and sells customised information services to energy-market players with a focus on risk management in electricity trading.


Develops a fully-automated deboning machine for fish.


Employs an agile project approach to optimize the search for promising drug candidates in drug design studies.

Eribis Pharmaceuticals

Developing a new peptide drug for heart / cardiovascular indications.


Ergonomic aids for laptop users.


Develops and markets technologies, reagents and accessories for improved biosensor assays.


Develops a new concept and technology for electric cars of the future.

EIR Technology

Production of high-quality phosphate fertilizer extracted from ashes.


New treatment concept for private sewage systems intended to reduce eutrophication (effect of excess nutrients on plant growth).


Commercializing a digital collaboration platform for educators seeking to improve quality in Swedish schools and higher education.


Working with quality management systems for the food industry.

Easy Soft

Provides a system for electronic signatures.

E2 Forestry

Developing a new type of chipping knife with significantly improved abrasion resistance for use in the production of wood chips as a renewable energy source.


Dose calculations for external radiation sources, radiation protection and targeted radioactive nuclides.

Doctor Entertainment

Develops games for PCs and game consoles. Combining digital distribution and innovative technology makes it financially possible to climb up the value chain and maintain intellectual property rights in the company.

Brighter Two (fd. Division By Zero)

Develops jDome BikeAround, which makes it possible to cycle in a virtual environment. JDome BikeAround is used by people on dementia care facilities that can cycle training with the hometown streets projected on the screen.

DiaSpect Medical

Develops cost-effective systems for measuring clinical parameters in whole blood.


Long-acting local pain relief of wounds.


Develops innovative instruments and disposables for assuring the quality of biological samples to facilitate more efficient diagnostics and drug development.


Commercialising a powerful software tool for the analysis and optimization of radiation therapy.


Developing a diagnostic kit with a new marker for use in cancer treatment.


Has developed leading technologies and products for machine translation of text plus automated proof-reading and terminology control.

Concrete Vision

Compiles complex information into interactively-visualized decision support in environments such as mining.


Technology development platform used, for example, to develop a new generation of bikes – ‘smart bikes.’


IT company operating in the pharmaceutical industry that develops and sells Rule Discovery System software.

Co-ed Collaboration for Education

Offers a fun and easy way to learn. University students can practice, compete and test their knowledge before exams.


ChromoGenics is a technology leader in the development of smart windows that save energy and increase comfort in buildings. ConverLight – the company’s electrochromic foil – can be controlled to be brighter or darker when adding low electric current.


Software (LabGear) that helps researchers plan, implement and evaluate technically-complex chemical experiments and thus generate more data of higher quality.


Offers planning and problem-solving support in synthetic chemistry and provides expertise in developing software tools for chemists.


Produces and sells personalized backpacks that simplify everyday life.


Uses electricity for dose / response measurements at the cellular level.


Cavidi’s new technology improves HIV diagnosis and, therefore, the effectiveness of treatment in high-prevalence countries. This allows greater and better care to be delivered at a lower cost.

Capture Device

Active in medicine / technology with instruments for separation systems.


Develops innovative processes with concrete and delivers complete ‘never-before-seen’ creative solutions.

Brain Shuttle

Business concept offers a technology to increase the uptake of drugs into the brain (transfer across the blood-brain barrier), especially for protein-based pharmaceuticals.

Bokklubb på nätet

Business idea is an internet-based book club and hub for those interested in literature all around the world.


Provides products and services for the inspection and quality assurance of financial reporting for companies and other organizations.


Develops a wireless, cell phone-based system for fuel optimization and route data information for boats.


Commercializes entertaining and creative cell phone applications.

BiQ Pharma

Provides pharmaceutical companies with project management, business analysis and quality assurance for more effective product and process development.


Developing a new generation of antibiotics targeted against bacterial RNA molecules


Mission is to provide facilities for private use to recover the heat energy value of household waste.


Develops unique products for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease as early as possible.

Bio Hyos

Develops high-viscosity hyaluronic acid primarily for use in the biomedical field.

Bergström & Hellqvist

Develops knowledge and working practices in food industry businesses, including quality assurance and environmental considerations.


Business concept offering cordless lighting concepts.

Become Star

Web promotion for all who dream of releasing a music CD.


Developing an innovative open software package for chemical analysis and visualization.

KLAHAS Technologies

Used for quality measurements in the food industry or for measuring hazardous gases.

Wilhelmsen & Sandlund

Designs and sells leather products for urban living and mobile computing devices based on a Nordic tradition of handicrafts and leather processing where simple and unadorned design is the central theme.


Automatic news coverage in an inexpensive, flexible and efficient manner. Users can, for example, monitor leasing contracts for apartments to be first in the queue.

Show & Pay

Safe and easy e-shopping without security codes.


Sesamin supplementation of fish feed.

SCS Engingeering

Commercializing a product for detecting early-stage corrosion and showing when a predetermined corrosion depth has occurred in structures in the ground, water and concrete.


Secure online card transactions and anti-keylogger system.


Provides systems for cheap and efficient electronic traffic counting / control.


Developing a patented technology for individual dosage of commonly used drugs.

Scandinavian CRO

Primary focus on clinical trial management and monitoring of results for part or complete studies. Other services include medical writing, data management and statistics. Consultants work on-site if needed.


Developing a unique measurement system in radiation therapy for cancer treatment.


Offers a mobile application connecting music to products with a barcode. Associating music with products can be used by external parties for advertising and marketing purposes.


Develops and sells applications and systems for detecting, for example, biological warfare agents.

Visualize your Science

Shows researchers how to visually communicate their research with better and more effective images.

Course it matters

Reminiscent of IKEA’s ‘flat-packs’ but for eLearning. Provides step-by-step instructions and suggestions for building components so that small business owners can compile their own high-quality web courses in a fast, easy and affordable way.

Exscale Biospecimen Solutions

Develops and sells reagents and automation solutions for large-scale extraction of tissue samples.

Offers private individuals a tailor-made price for removals. Customers photograph the household goods to be moved and calculates volume and duration. This information is forwarded to removal firms who then send a quotation to the customer.


Frija’s platform Young Lifestyle (Ung Livsstil)  provides knowledge and tools to promote a sustainable lifestyle for children and young people via both preventive and reactive activities, including e-learning, training of school staff, and lectures for school staff, pupils and parents.


Enviro-tech IT consultancy focusing on business development and sustainability issues facing the retail trade and consumers. Aims to standardize and reform the industry through digital solutions, thereby creating economic viability and improved CSR work for clients.


A web-based service designed to connect researchers and businesses.

BioFlow Systems

Developing a model blood vessel system that leads to fewer experiments on animals.


Cenvigo’s sensor and analytics analyses sleep and events, based on the data we can help healthcare providers to work proactively instead of reactively.

Glosboken (Wordheroes)

An Internet-based tool offering students an effective and fun way to learn new a vocabulary.

Linnaeus Creativity Centre

A lively visitors centre with entertaining knowledge and enjoyable learning for Swedish and foreign visitors who are open, playful and inquisitive.

A new concept of buying and selling second-hand baby clothes and maternity wear online.

Nordic Ortopedica

Uses the latest CAD / CAM technology to provide a wide range of orthopaedic products at competitive prices.


Leading global manufacturer of polymer dispersants for use in water treatment processes and effluent treatment plants.

Romantic Sweden

Entrepreneurs in the municipality of Älvkarleby cooperating under the Romantic Sweden brand name and offering experiences ranging from moonlight walks to cooking classes and party celebrations.


A problem-solving mechanical / forging workshop with extensive experience in the design, manufacture and repair of products in steel, stainless steel, Hardox and aluminum. Also rents weather protection shelters to construction sites.


Mechanical engineering workshop with subcontracting and technical assignments in the processing industry (mainly food) offering design, construction, maintenance and repair of machines as well as industrial processes and plants.

VA Nutrition

Developing foodstuff concepts.

Beactica Therapeutics

Beactica characterizes molecular interactions between potential drugs and their targets – e.g. kinetics, affinities, and mechanisms. The robust data identifies high-quality leads with therapeutic potential and guide their further development, reducing risk and cost of the project.


Mission is to commercialize a new type of innovative and comfortable work wear.


Device to warn drivers of motor vehicles that they are about to fall asleep behind the wheel, thus alerting them to a dangerous situation.


Commercialises aids within healthcare.


New and cost-effective techniques for regulating output in low and high-voltage applications.


Commercialization of biomarkers for monitoring cancer treatment.

ARBEXA industrier

Develops tools for imaging diagnostics.

APR Technologies

Developing a sensor system for biofuels and a miniaturized temperature control system for aerospace and industry.

Anti-Snore Partner Sweden

Developing a medtech device to combat snoring.

A marketplace for buyers and sellers of advertising. Marketing managers can survey the market and advertising brokers spend less time selling, focusing instead on making their media an attractive channel.

Animech Technologies

Adds value for customers by using interactive visual information to clarify e.g. their product range through its entire lifecycle.

AniMar Diagnostics

Develops innovative products for the veterinary diagnostics market.

Analytical Proof

Uses modern analytical chemistry to completely profile a sample such as a batch of beer. The derived molecular fingerprint can be used for quality assurance and other purposes.

Amino Acid Analysis Center

Performs quantitative amino acid analyses on pharmaceutically-related and other products.

Alpha Biotech

Engaged in medical research and innovation with an emphasis on the development of serological kits for diagnosing tick-transmitted infections.


Develops the world’s most cost-effective air dehumidifying technology.


Design and manufacturing desiccant dehumidifiers that effectively remove moisture and odour, which prolongs the life of buildings, goods and equipment, and creates a healthier workplace environment. The products are designed with a patented technology called desiccant warm condensation, a technology that give the products a number of unique advantages; half the energy, plug-n- play instalation


IT and information company specializing in the agricultural and food sector. Owns the media company Jordbruksaktuellt (Agriculture News).

Agilent Technologies (formerly Halo Genomics)

Develops methods for sample preparation in conjunction with genetic sequencing analyzes.


Commercializes a product that helps small handicraft businesses grow.


Commercializes an interactive web site where companies can find the right design for business-related purposes.


Offers customized, high-quality studies in ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) and modelling of pharmacokinetics and dynamics for efficient drug development.

Adduct Analys

TailorDose™ is a new patented technology that allows individual dose adjustment of chemotherapy based on measurement of specific biomarkers in a single blood sample.


Develops techniques to sort / capture cells and microparticles using ultrasound.


Develops technology for heat treating seeds, spun off to the SeedGard company, now called ThermoSeed.

5V to 5P

With the web-based do-it-yourself model 5V to 5P, entrepreneurs can help clarify their Vision, Mission (What, to Whom and Why) and company Values. Guidance on other brand-related matters (Promotion, Personnel, Price, Products and Location) that need to be characterized if customers are to be both surprised and satisfied, and the company’s vision achieved, is also provided.

3H Biomedical

Primary cells and cell-based products as biological tools for life-science research and drug screening.


123on gives users worldwide a unique way to personalize their cell phone by replacing a traditional ring tone for incoming calls with a video, e.g. a clip from a recent sports event or other personal favourite.


Utvecklar och tillverkar energibesparande magnetlager till vattenkraftverk. testing

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