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Success stories

Strandberg Guitars

Ola Strandberg , CEO at Strandberg Guitars, manufactures custom-built ergonomic guitars and has several famous guitarists on his client list. Production is now approaching 100 guitars each month. Strandberg Guitars has completed UIC Business Lab.


OssDsign has found a new way to repair bone. An implant, OssDsign Craniomosaic, is custom-made and implanted into the skull. The company, which went from research to commercialization in a very short time, has completed the business development programs UIC Business Start, UIC Business Prep and UIC Business Accelerator.

UIC Södertälje opens doors

In February 2012, it was announced that AstraZeneca’s Södertälje research facility would be closed. The local municipality appointed Uppsala Innovation Centre as the region’s business incubator with a mission to encourage more vigorous company growth in the area.

When AstraZeneca researcher Johanna Haglund received notice of termination she thought: “Everything that we have built up cannot just go to waste”. Today, Johanna is CEO at her own company MetaSafe, a new successful contract research lab that supplies data on metabolism.