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Let’s go! The world is waiting for Strandberg’s guitars

Strandberg Guitars’ CEO, Ola Strandberg, literally went around the world in a week during 2013. The trip, which was financed by Nordea Bank’s Travel Scholarship for UIC companies, had its first stop in the US and then went on to South Korea.

The guitarist Paul Masvidal plays one of Strandberg Guitars’ custom-built guitars.

The company is a clear proof that safety issues have now firmly taken root even in the world of music. Strandberg Guitars manufactures custom-built guitars that carry no weight and are ergonomically designed. Demand is growing exponentially as blogs and guitar magazine spreads name with many renowned artists. One of them is Ola Englund, guitarist of the American death metal band Six Feet Under.

– Strandberg’s guitars is an innovation in a usually very conventional trade, says the musician. Ola has dared to deviate from the norm and succeeded in designing a fully ergonomic guitar, something which is not common among builders. His guitars are easy to play and most of all comfortable to play on when leading and arms become unloaded properly.

Also, the English jazz musician Allan Holworths and the experimental, the Hollywood-based metal musician Tosin Abasi are also using Strandberg guitars. Today, the company is approaching a capacity requirement of 100 guitars each month. A little too much for the increasingly requested the CEO and founder who at first made ​​all guitars himself.


Around the world in one week

In 2013 Ola Strandberg headed for a business trip around the world in one week – financed by the Travel scholarship from UIC’s business partner Nordea Bank. Ola Strandberg’s journey first headed for the United States – both Chicago and Los Angeles in order to meet with potential suppliers.

– It is in the United States you find the biggest market and the knowledge, says Ola. “Made in USA” is still important within my industry.

Strandberg’s guitars is an innovation within a usually very conventional industry

After the US Ola went to Korea. This is where one of the largest producers make approximately 10.000 guitars every month.

– I literally travelled around the world in one week, and finished with a visit to South Korea for future business, says Ola with great confidence in his voice.


Important for a companies’ survival and growth

– Establishing international contacts is often critical to a company’s survival and development, says Lars Olde, UIC and chairman of Nordea’s Travel scholarship jury.

Per Svensson, head of Nordea Bank in Uppsala, agrees and adds:
– Through Nordea’s Travel scholarship, we can support local businesses who want to reach international success. UIC has an important role to play in the development of more growth companies, and we are delighted to be a part of this work together with UIC.

Strandberg Guitars has completed UIC Business Lab.