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One or several business coaches are assigned to each company to accelerate their path to market introduction. The business coach is carefully selected to match the incubator company regarding both personal and professional qualities. He/she will have relevant experience from the company’s business area plus experience from executive positions within industry. About 70 business coaches are connected to the program, all approved by the UIC Board of Directors. The coaches are driven by the challenge of supporting exciting new projects on the road to success. All show a genuine interest in the issues start-up companies face on the road to market.

In addition, UIC has a network of about 20 specialist industrialization coaches experienced in moving products from prototype to series production.

The business program runs for two years with the possibility of a one-year extension if needed. Besides business coaching, several seminars are included in the program.

The success rate for companies selected for the UIC Business Accelerator is high; about 90% of companies completing the program become viable business operations.

To be accepted to the program, you need a business plan and a defined market for your product. Funding should be available for the initial program time and the possibilities for protecting the idea (e.g. patents) should have been evaluated. If you are accepted to the UIC Business Accelerator, you will experience an intense period where you need to focus on your business. Your commitment is essential for success.