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From idea to customer in three months

Do you want to get started with your innovative business idea?
Do you want to strengthen your business?

Apply to UIC’s business development program in English and an introductory bootcamp!!
More information and application to UIC Startup Bootcamp!

About UIC Business Startup
UIC’s business development program UIC Business Startup makes it possible to go from idea to customer in just three months.  Entrepreneurs, teams and companies are provided with the knowledge, guidance and networks required for achieving short time to market.

The participants are encouraged to meet customers at an early stage to see if their product meets a significant need, and if there are paying customers in the market. Successful start-ups in Silicon Valley are the role model for this concept.

The the participants receive support and networks from UIC and UIC’s business partners which help them develop fast and avoid pitfalls on the road to success.

UIC Business Startup is free of charge.

Who is the program for?

UIC Business Startup is geared toward entrepreneurs or teams who want to launch and run innovative companies.


“It should be mandatory for all start-ups to join the program.”
Mohammed Al-Hasnawi, Night Node

The program also targets established companies that want to launch a new product or service to market quickly and efficiently.

“Some of the insights I have gained through the program would have taken me at least 5 years to find out myself.”
Andreas Dahlin, Visualize Your Science

Program content

At the UIC Business Startup, participants work on advancing their innovative business concepts and ensuring that they have the fundamentals required to succeed. The method is based on the Silicon Valley-inspired approach of testing ideas on actual customers at an early stage to make sure that they are developing a service or product that customers want – and are willing to pay for. It ensures that you are developing a product or service based on what you know, not what you think.

The program is conducted in a workshop format in which Thursday afternoons are dedicated to working on your business concept, alternated with seminars by UIC’s business partners and inspirational presentations by exciting companies.

“I’ve never learned as much in such a short period of my life as I did during the program. It also contributed significantly to my own personal development.”
David Orkan, Flippad historia

A combination of the process Customer Development together with the concepts Lean Canvas and NABC are used within UIC Business Startup. Lean Canvas is a model for developing businesses and approaching potential customers early in the process. In this way, the company will be able to develop a product that customers really want and are willing to pay for. The NABC method has been developed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California. NABC is a tool for making concise and interesting pitches and company presentations. It is applied within all UIC programs.

“I recommend UIC to all potential entrepreneurs – you were a tremendous help to us. We gained an entirely new perspective on what a business concept actually is and how to improve on it!” Ruben Svartholm, Wahoo

What do we do? See what’s included in the program.

How do we do it? See how we work within UIC Business Agile – from recruitment to exit.


  • An entrepreneur, team or company with an innovative concept that they want to develop.
  •  An entrepreneur or team that possesses the commitment and ambition to develop a scalable and profitable company.
  •  A concept, product or service with innovation height that presents a solution to a pressing issue.



The program is free of charge and participants are adopted continuously. Participants meet at least once a week for common activities and coaching.



Lars Dahlbom, Business Development Advisor


Phone: +46 (0)18-477 04 45
Mobile: +46 (0)70-529 40 21

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