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UIC ‒ the business incubator of Södertälje

UIC Södertälje supports business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and growth companies in their efforts to commercialize ideas and develop business acumen. Our objective is to secure the development of more viable growth companies with high rates of survival.

Business Lab Södertälje

In June 2012, the municipal government of Södertälje embarked on a long-term drive to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial climate in its region. Uppsala Innovation Centre was selected as the business incubator to achieve this. Its mission was simple: encourage more vigorous growth in the municipality. UIC’s initial effort was to support entrepreneurship, commercialization and business development in the life sciences, an area especially in focus following AstraZeneca’s closure of its research in Södertälje. Today, UIC supports entrepreneurs within all of the municipality’s industrial sectors.

UIC’s business development programs

UIC offers five business development programs for different phases of development from concept to a well-functioning business: UIC Business Startup, UIC Business Lab, UIC Business Prep, UIC Business Accelerator and UIC Alumni. Completing a program takes a business idea or company one more vital step on its road to commercial success.

UIC Södertälje is located in Biovation Park in Snäckviken, Södertälje.

Johanna Haglund MetaSafe

“Having UIC as a professional speaking-partner and taking part of their fantastic network is extremely valuable.”
Johanna Haglund, CEO at MetaSafe

For more information, please contact:

Bertil Ahlqvist på UIC Södertälje

Bertil Ahlqvist, UIC Södertälje

Tel: 073-071 54 97