Are you interested in working with a startup in some way, shape or form? Then this is the online event for you! Meet startup companies looking for new team members and collaborations.

Welcome to TeamUp 2021, 14th of June 14:00-16:00  

Join us for TeamUp – a fully digital event that brings together some of Uppsala’s most innovative startups with talented individuals.


  • The startups introduce themselves with an elevator pitch. You can read more about them below.
  • Mingle with the startups! You will get to meet groupwise to get to know each other and ask questions.
  • Moderators from UIC, Drivhuset, GIP, EIT Health and Uppsala Univeritty Innovation will be there to moderate and assist

To attend you need to register through this form, 11th of June the latest! You will then receive link with instructions to your email prior to the event.

We will meet in Gather Tow, a web-conferencing software like Zoom, but with the added component of seeing the virtual ”room” you and others are occupying.

Event organisers are UIC, EIT Health – Uppsala University, Uppsala University Innovation, Green Innovation Park and Drivhuset Uppsala.

To do:

  • Register through this form
    You will get the link in your mail a day prior to the event
  • Get excited!
  • Join through the link at 14:00 on 14th of June 2021

The startups



Oppioo – an AI companion app for cancer patients. By combining the patient’s personal cancer treatment plan with a physical activity plan, Oppioo improves the cancer patient’s wellbeing and speeds up the recovery.

We are looking for business developers to improve our business model, define go-to-market strategy and set up customer satisfaction.
Competencies – economics, finance, marketing, markets, business development and strategy. Could be someone who studies these topics at university.
We offer internship/thesis work, which can lead into a co-founder in the future.



BrainZell’s human brain organoid assays help pharma companies create new medicines for brain disorders by effective prediction of drug outcomes, increasing the success rate of clinical trials.

We are looking for business developers to improve our business model, define go-to-market strategy and set up customer satisfaction.
Competencies – economics, finance, marketing, markets, business development and strategy. Could be someone who studies these topics at university.
We offer internship/thesis work, which can lead into a co-founder in the future.



I-CONIC Vision is developing innovative software to create 3D models in real-time from multiple video streams. The GPU-based software can be used even for video streams from moving cameras, for example on drones.

We’re in a phase where we soon will need to grow the company, and we are looking for very talented people who can broaden our minds on how the product can be developed technically, what it can be used for and how it can be marketed. Very short term: full stack developers, or developers with experience (or deep interest) in GPU programming or computer vision. Later this year: marketeers of different kinds. Different possibilities: co-owner (new member takes a share of the company), employee (with share option possibilities), full or part-time consultant (also remote).



With innovative technology, OptiAnimal’s digital service helps the horse trainer to analyze the horse’s health status through objective facts in a unique overall picture. In a simple way, the sport horse’s well-being and performance can be optimized for a long and successful career.

We want to create a team with people with different experiences and backgrounds but with a common approach to animal welfare. We are looking for competencies within biotech, data analysis, app development. We can offer thesis work & part time work.



We are looking for someone(s) who can lighten our load and focus on details. Someone who can think outside the box and follow up on a task. We all work with a passion and can work with a lot of freedom with responsibility.
We are looking for a teamplayer, if you have knowledge in machine learning, AI, App Development, Web Developers or social sciences that focuses on elderly care.
We are looking for some one or ones that are available for thesis worker, part time worker or potential employee. We have experience with both guiding masterstudents as well as doctorates.



Cenvigo’s sensor and analytics analyses sleep and events, based on the data we can help healthcare providers to work proactively instead of reactively.

We are looking for both thesis work and professionals in the areas Customer Success Management, Dev-Ops and Drive to change academia. Working knowledge of Zendesk/Hubspot and UML/C#/AngularJS/Azure a must for professionals.



Vakansa is a proptech startup that is developing a platform that will make it easier to co-use facilities. Our goal is to fill facilities with activites when they are vacant during the days and give more actors in our cities the possibility to rent facilities cheap for their activites.

At Vakansa we are looking for people that can work with marketing, content management, accounting, account management and webb development. We hope that people will share our core-values and would want to become co-founder after an internship/part time work period with us at Vakansa to first get to know each other!



Our digital process support streamlines listed companies’ work with financial reporting and compliance with new regulatory requirements, while increasing information security as well as cutting costs.

We are about to sign our first customers and are looking to expand our team. Are you a committed relationship builder with front end CSS-skills and/or have an understanding of economics and web? If so, you could be a match for our Customer Success team, which you would also be part of developing. We are also looking for a creative force to maintain communication with B2B customers and stakeholders through social media channels (mostly LinkedIn) to increase brand recognition and generate leads. Since we are a very young company this is an opportunity to have a real impact on the company. We offer part-time paid employment or consultancy agreement with flexible working hours and remote work. Fluency in Swedish required.



Thyni and Viketoft Innovation creates a cloud-based smart charging and energy management system that optimizes the charging of electric vehicles and the utilization of available power.


Our reusable bag in box packaging helps food oil producers who want to improve productivity and profitability by reducing delivery costs, improving sustainability and streamlining operations, not to mention consumer retention vis-a-vis product freshness and overall user experience

Currently we’re testing our problem/solution fit through a series of experiments with potential early-adopters. We’re using this as a litmus test for further development. The jump from ”idea” to product will entail several changes, one of these being talent acquisition.
1) We’re looking for someone with a keen and proven interest in product packaging, gourmet food and/or sustainability, because this is what we’re about. So when you get to the office, you’re ambition is it to see our product on supermarket shelves all over the World, because that’s our ultimate ambition! Whats more, we believe that in order for this to happen, you should be able to understand the problems and envisage the best solutions from the customers perspective.
2) A real doer who is able to focus and enact upon that, someone with realistic expectations that this will be a long hard slog rather than a quick sprint (so if your exit strategy is any time soon then you’ve come to the wrong place), an articulate, confident communicator who understands the importance of building business relationships, being outspoken is not a problem as long as you have the emotional intelligence to temper it when necessary. Currently we lack structure, in particular we need a product roadmap, so experience of how to bring a product successfully to market and creating a roadmap for this would help greatly. Coupled with this and of course most importantly, we need to find product solutions that work, so if you’re a technical/practical problem solver who keeps on iterating until you literally fall asleep at your desk, then we probably have the fundamentals for a successful partnership.
3) We are looking for a thesis worker and potentially an equity sharing co-founder (if all of the boxes are ticked and the synergies are simply too good to resist). If you’re a student looking to complete your master thesis then we’d happily help you identify your subject area, for example (but certainly not limited to) food packaging interactions (chemistry) and packaging sustainability (design management).


Digisera is a web agency start-up that creates, manages and markets websites and landing pages, with a main focus on WordPress-based web development, identifying and implementing new digital solutions for our clients. Founded in 2016, we are a small and rapidly growing Stockholm/Uppsala based company consisting of a team of three people. Our clients range from small to medium sized companies in sectors such as: Education, Tech, Real Estate. We are strengthening our team from fall 2021 with a Sales Executive, a business developer intern and a number of part time developers.