Prevas AB

Prevas AB

Besöksadress: Kungsgatan 62, Uppsala
Telefon: 018 – 56 27 00

Prevas improves the world, with engineering!

Everyone who attends UIC's program wants to improve the lives of the people on this, our one and only planet. Since UIC takes in a very wide range of entrepreneurs, there will of course be a large palette of ideas, from services that encourage people to get in shape, to the development of advanced analytical tools that can detect diseases. And everything in-between.

Regardless of whether it is products or services that are to be developed, Prevas can help. As technology consultants, we work with all types of customers, from one-person companies to LifeScience giants. Sometimes we do simple feasibility studies of just a few hours, other times we run complete development projects in the 20-million SEK class. We are often involved right from the start and help our customers create the requirements specification, which is the basis for time and resource planning, a very important part of the business plan.

In addition to giving lectures on the development process, we offer everyone who attends UIC's programs a free half-day consultation, as well as discounted hourly rates. In this way, we help our customers to help their customers to a better world.

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Markus Nässén
018-56 27 55